Monday, 18 January 2010

Review: Revlon Colorstay Mineral Mousse foundation

I kept telling everyone that I thought this was a tinted moisturiser when (if I'd read the packaging) it clearly says that it's foundation. Anyway, I didn't pay for it, Yinka had a giveaway on her blog and I won it..aren't I smart?

Here's the packaging:

That's the exact colour that Deep is. My camera did me well and picked it out as it should be.  I really like the packaging of this one, it looks really nice and sleek, I find it quite rare to have a liquid foundation/tinted moisturiser which comes in black casing.  I thought it would be a bit too dark for me but it's quite a good match really, as far as web swatches go, Revlon's are quite good compared to some other companies out there.

Ingredients...there are a fair few.

Swatchy swatcherson:
Flash, no blending:

No flash, no blending:

Blended and flashy:

Blended and no flash:

I have been testing it alongside my Korres moisturiser which, as you know, has totally eliminated the grease from my face.  My Korres finished the other day and I've been using a cheapo organic cream from Tescos which doesn't smell too pleasant and has done a satisfactory job at keeping the grease away.

So, what do Revlon say?
"A flawless matte finish in a refreshingly lightweight mousse.

Unique, air-whipped texture for a soft matte finish.
16-hour ColorStay Longwear for lasting perfection."

Does it hold up to the claims?
In a word, yes.  It makes your face feel soft and once you get over the dust-face, it's a really good foundation and you don't need to use too much initially and you need not touch it up for the whole day.

Consistency wise, it is a pretty thick foundation to use (compared to what I normally use) and you do have to work fast to get good results but that's not really a downside because your human instinct (as you can tell, I've never been one to trivialise a matter) tells you how best to blend it. 

I really like this as both a foundation and a tinted moisturiser (I tend to apply my foundation really sheer).

However, there are some issues which I found I had with it.

Revlon don't state that it is for greasy skin but I think the fact that it states that it gives you a "soft matte finish" speaks for itself.  Whilst I used Korres, my skin was more normal than combo and I found that it if you hadn't practiced before applying it, it would make you look a bit dusty.  I usually apply a bit of foundation on the back of my hand and pick it up with my brush and then "dispense" it all over my boat race.  I tried this with this foundation and it was kinda hard to blend as it had dried whilst travelling from my hand up to my face.  Then I dotted it on my face and used the brush, this too didn't give me the desired effect.  Finally, I decided to just use my fingers and that seemed to work pretty well.  I don't think the foundation will work too well with normal skin but you may have different application methods to the ones I mentioned above.

Another MASSIVE plus point is that it has SPF in it and not just some piddly SPF 1, it's got SPF 30 which is great. .

I don't think I will be buying this despite giving it such a positive review.  Had I used this without using Korres I would have said yes.  However, my skin care plan is to use Korres in the summer as it turns my skin into normal skin more than combo and so I don't need anything else to make me look matte. If I struggle with greasy skin in the winter/really hot summer days then I will definitely purchase this.  The product is very good but I don't think it will sit well with normal skin.

It's not out in the UK yet, it should be out at the end of the month and it will retail at £9.99.


  1. Ooh it sounds great! I really hope they have one in my shade. Thanks for a great review! :)

  2. great review, iv only ever tried on foundation by revlon and that is the colourstay foundation, iv already gone through a whole bottle and bought another, that means quite alot as im currently switching between 5-6 foundations atm

    ps i think you should do more swatches but we all love your rambling too ;)

  3. Lillian: They have a lot of shades which is good because there are some companies which only make a lot of shades for lighter skinned people and even then, the undertones are funny.

    Inner Belle: I really want to try Colorstay but need to swatch it on my hand and see if it's good...and don't you worry, the ramblings are coming over in full form ;)



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