Wednesday, 6 January 2010

My wonder product

Everyone has that one product in their makeup bags that they couldn't live without and I'm no exception.  However, the product is not so much something I need to make me look half human, it's a product which amends my mistakes.

Ladies and non lady folk, I present to you the Revlon Makeup Corrector Pen.

I've been trying to scope this out ever since I saw it advertised on some makeup site and I have never ever found it in the UK.  You will surely remember that I reviewed the DoubleTwist mascara by Revlon.  I was also sent the makeup corrector pen.

My first thoughts on it are that it's a lot slimmer than I thought it would be but it looks like something I have used (on paper) before but I can't put my finger on it..The tip of the pen is black and not white as I had originally thought.

I can't apply mascara without having some of it transfer to my upper lid so I thought the pen would be perfect for that.  I applied my mascara and some Bobbi Brown gel liner and then decided to test the pen out.

It took the lid residue mascara off so easily and left behind no oily residue at all. Revlon suggest cleaning the tip with some tissue after using it so I did this and the mascara came off the pen and onto the tissue.

I decided to put it through its paces and make the eyeliner thinner and it worked a total charm! I've used it to tidy up eye shadow mistakes too and it leaves you with natural skin (not with the film you sometimes get when you use a conventional remover) so you can reapply your shadow a nano second after amending your mistake.

The only thing which holds this product back is the fact that you can't find it anywhere.  I've checked a million and one Boots and practically every Superdrug, Tescos and Sainsburys around where I live and have never ever seen it.  I saw it online once but when I went to put it in my basket, it was (surprise surprise) out of stock.

I used it before Xmas when I was going down to Essex, I fell asleep in the car and had no time to reapply my makeup before we went out and this worked great tidying up smudges and neatening up my cat flicked eyeliner.  Which reminds me, when it's snowing heavily, never ever hold your Bobbi Brown gel liner in your hand because the second you get out of the car, you will open your hands and the gel liner will roll away into traffic.  This will result in a mad panic and you sliding across said snow in the dark to pick it up.

I also realise that it would have made sense to take a pic of how well it erased makeup mistakes but I am scatty of brain and kinda forgot in all my excitement.  However, I did take pics of the instructions/promises and the ingredients for you guys.


If you CAN get this product anywhere, PICK IT UP...and then go pay for it.  I don't want to encourage shoplifting ;)


  1. Bloody hell woman where have you been!?!? Missed ya!

    Think I need to get my hands on this, if I can that is. Do you think it would be any good for cleaning up fal out?


  2. I've got this and I love it. I found it in the 99p store ages ago but haven't seen it since. Neutrogena also do a product like this in pencil form x x

  3. I normally use a cotton bud with some Simple cream cleansing lotion on it, but it tends to make my eye area more oily, and it encourages transfer when I wear eyeliner.
    I'll have to have a hunt around for this, there's a 99p shop in the city centre so I'll have a rummage!

  4. I don't like this. I find it makes a mess and leaves a shiny patch where I've 'erased' my mistake. I bought it in NY but it's in Superdrug.

  5. Where were u all d while? missed ya;)
    i was xpecting a white tip, too ;)

    wud u pls mind me asking u again? Revlon UK site? Any help would b really appreciated!

  6. Jo: I've been busy with Xmas and all the rest of it, plus I injured my finger and typing was really hard with a bandage on but now I'm back! I've got something else which I need to post a review on even though the product is all but finished. It's pretty good for cleaning up fall out though I would say that if you notice fall out after you've put blusher on, just dab the skin with the tip, don't smooth it across because dabbing makes it easier for you to blend your blusher over the top.

    Une tasse: A quid?! I have looked high and low for it and found it nowhere, I was super chuffed when Revlon sent me it. I don't think I'd be able to live without it now.

    Mhairi: Welcome to my blog :) I used to use Vaseline but that greased my eyelids up but this thankfully doesn't so it's win win in my book.

    Yinka: You and Louise (Get Lippie) have both seen it in stores and I haven't, I must be blind to the packaging or something :( I thought it would make me shiny too but was surprised when it wasn't. Maybe mine is the older version

    Divija: I was busy with Xmas and everything, then I injured myself. I don't think Revlon have a UK site but I will email the lady I know at Revlon UK tomorrow and ask her. If you've got a question you want me to ask her, just email me and I will forward it on.

  7. Ohhhh dear... how r u now? Feeling better? pls take care, honey!

    thnq very much for d info! Really appreciate your help! Thats ok, just wanted to know if Revlon has a website in UK! If its not there, thats is fine! dont worry anymore! take care of urself baby!

  8. I bought this about a year ago and absolutely adore it! But i've had the same problem as you, i lost it and now can't find a replacement anywhere. To me it works so much better than the usual cotton bud with makeup remover as it leaves your skin dry and immediately ready for reapplication. it's nice to fins someone else who appreciates it's virtues.

  9. Divija: I'm feeling a lot better now, the finger has healed and my tablets have finished.

    Revlon don't have a UK website as far as I know, I would just check out what they have in Boots and Superdrug as they usually have everything they sell in the UK.

    Lillian: Hey, welcome to my blog. I wanted to test it out for the longest time but never found it anywhere, I am so glad I found it though as yesterday I had such a dodgy application of eyeliner that I had to remove it and this was my first port of call. You couldn't even tell I had put liner on.


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