Sunday, 18 November 2012

My holy grail hair conditioner..

Never did I think I'd see the day when I'd find a conditioner that would please the demon that is my hair.

Before I tell you what it is, let me take you on the journey that ended with me finding and falling in love with this.

Many years ago now..and I mean many years, it was about 1997 in fact.. I used to love John Freida's Frizz Ease range.  I was amazed after using it that my fuzzy hair was nice and curly. That was, of course, until I brushed it.  I've learnt now that you don't brush curly hair.

Anyway, over time, that stopped working for so I switched to another one..and then another one and then I just went rogue and bought the first one that would catch my eye.

I've used nearly every conditioner out there, I went from L'Oreal to Aussie to Herbal Essences to Head and Shoulders and then back to Aussie..

The only reason I bought my HG one was because it was on offer.  I remember the day well, I bought another conditioner with it and finished that one months before I even opened this.

This conditioner is by Dove.  It's the Dove Nourishing Oil Express Conditioner. Now, Dove doesn't agree with me in shampoo or shower gel form.  In soap form, the normal one makes me greasy and the one for sensitive skin gives me spots.  The shower gel leaves me feeling 'smudgey'.  I'm telling you now that smudgey is an actual word.  I'm convinced that no matter how much I wash it off, there is still some left on my body.

Yeah, I've bought three because they were on offer..and then I have one in the bathroom here and two at my  winter residence/can't be bothered to cook residence.

So why do I love this so much?

  • It mixes an conditioner with oil. What a fantastic idea!
  • It is called an express conditioner.  You don't have to leave it in for ages!  It suggests that you use it every day but I don't wash my hair so this obviously doesn't happen. You can wash it out in just one minute.  The strange thing is, the usual conditioner that comes with this is to be left on for three or four minutes.  By the way, you don't use shampoo, standard conditioner AND this. You just use shampoo and this or shampoo and the standard conditioner. I welcome this express conditioner as a product because all you usually get it shampoo, conditioner and deep conditioner.  The annoying thing about Boots is that I haven't been to one branch (and I've checked in eight) that has the WHOLE range.  I have seen that they do a deep conditioner which I have also picked up.
  • It doesn't grease your hair up.  I find that a lot of moisturising conditioners do this and that's not what I want at all.
  • You don't need much.  My hair is currently midway down my back (I can put my hand just above my bum and touch it.  To clarify, I mean the hair, not my bum).
  • It lasts for ages.  I have been using mine twice a week since they started showing The Secret History of Our Streets on TV.  Actually no, since the started showing that markets programme on BBC.  You know, the one when they went behind the scenes at Billingsgate, the London meat market (or as I call it, west London on a Saturday night) and the veg market.  The veg market was my favourite with the cockney Singh who used to work for the Krays.
  • It makes very dry hair and hair with split ends look very healthy. My hair is horrendous at the moment and this conditioner sorts it out.  You can tell when I've used this conditioner and when I haven't.
  • The packaging is very user friendly.  You can get every last drop of this out as it is in a squeezy tube.

Has anyone else tried this?

It costs about £3.00 or so from Boots, I can't be more precise because the Boots website is currently down.  Actually, I think I paid £1.60 odd for it so it's a bit more than £3.00.

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