Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Chanel Diwali

Chanel is a brand that has never really been on my radar, both for fashion and beauty.  I've never really been excited by what they have to offer when it comes to beauty and for fashion, I have never really fallen in love with their handbags.  It's probably because I see it as being quite a classic brand and I prefer my handbags to have a bit of 'life' to them..hence my love of Balenciaga.

Anyway, the other day, I saw a tweet which mentioned Chanel Diwali.  Now, with me being Indian, Diwali is a big thing in my life.  Basically, it's an evening where we let off shitloads of fireworks and eat and drink really nice things.  The reason that Sikhs celebrate it is explained here.
I thought at first this might be a new collection of clothes from Chanel and immediately my mind ran away with itself, imagining suits adorned with gems and Chanel branded mojeh.  Then I googled it and was a nail polish.  I wouldn't have minded some Chanel mojeh you know..

At first, I was bit let down by the colour.  If I was to make a Diwali polish, it would be a black (maybe matte) shot through with multicoloured glitters and those hexagonal pieces.  You know, so it looks like a firework in the sky.

What Diwali by Chanel actually is, is a shiny gold with some 'grit' in it.  To me, it looks more like the colour of a groom's sherwani at an Indian wedding.

I saw some swatches on Temptalia (which is where most of the images for this post are from) and when Diwali catches the light, it manages to sparkle in a way that I think catches the colour of Diwali, so good going Chanel!
 The more I look at it, the more I realise what it reminds me know sparklers?  The second you light one of those and you get that instant whizzy explosion thing.

I showed the polish to my mum who now wants me to pick one up for her..fingers crossed I find one!  It's not on the Chanel website yet but I am going 'up West' soon so will ask on the counters and update this post.


  1. I think this is only exclusive to Selfridges. I bought this on Saturday and I'll admit it's because of the name, although it is beautiful and great coverage in one coat.

  2. That is one heck of a shade! Love the fact companies are taking an interest in the East. LOVED the NARS collection where they had the yellow nail polish named Amchoor ;) xo

  3. that is such a nice colour. On the hunt for a rose gold nail polish, this is more gold but still a beautiful colour xx


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