Friday, 13 April 2012


Can it be a haul if all you buy is four things?

How many constitute a haul?

Whilst I think about that, you guys have a look at what I got from KIKO two weeks ago.

It was another trip to Westfield, somewhere that I feel I am spending far too much time these days.. But then, thinking logically about it, I don't have time to shop for makeup during my lunchbreaks so I get my fix on the weekends..and I've had to make these many trips for returns and the like.

Anyway! Here is what I picked up..
Everything here was on sale, the lipsticks were £2.50 each and I believe the mascaras were about £3.90 each.  I spent about £12.00 in total which is not bad for four products..

The lipstick is in a shade that a certain person I know refers to as "shit lips".  She said the same about Revlon's Mink which is my current HG lipstick for those days when you want to look polished but not done up.  It works fantastically on darker skintones but will make you pale ladies look like you've been salad tossing with a less than desirable bloke.
I can only apologise for this out of focus shot.  I took about five and somehow deleted all bar the one that was out of focus.

This differs from Revlon's Mink in that it is totally matte and does give me a slight corpse lip look.  However, that is easily rectified with some clear (non sticky!) gloss.  I like the Rimmel Stay Vinyl ones.

The mascaras, one is a cheap and cheerful version of Clinique's Bottom Lash mascara.  It was marketed as being for false lashes, but me being unable to apply those yet (must really get onto it..) has not been able to try it for that.  I can't see it not working well for lower lashes as the brush is practically the same as the Clinique one.  The other mascara is for massive lashes and I'm yet to crack it open.

I had a look at the other items on offer but nothing really grabbed my attention as the shop was quite busy and I wasn't in the mood the stick around and wait my turn...we all have those days!

Since being in store, I have looked at Naz's blog and seen this pencil, which looks gorgeous..but I don't really seeing it in-store?   I did see some cream blushes but I think I'm kinda over them now so I left them alone too.

I will be doing a full review on all the items when I've used them enough.

In the mean time, what are your opinions in KIKO? Is it cheap and cheerful? Or cheap for a reason?


  1. Dead @ "salad tossing"'. That's a beauty blog first eh? :D

    I have a Kiko lipstick but haven worn it because it's too "slippy". Their eyeshadows look really good though

  2. I went nuts in Paris in November with Kiko and I love their nail polishes and eyeliners. I also bought some lipsticks for my mom and she loved them. I guess they are comparable to Bourjois?


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