Wednesday, 11 April 2012

The Models Own Bottle Shop: What I thought..

Not since being so fascinated with the floor of the Prada concession  in Selfridges as a child has a shop ever excited me as much as this Models Own Bottle Shop does..
The idea for this shop is inspired but then I wouldn't have expected a bog standard shop from a brand who are constantly bringing out new shades and collections that are bang on trend.

I went to Westfield on Friday to do a deal with the lady in Dorothy Perkins (I bought trousers, the button fell off, I wanted to keep them so she gave me a discount) and I was adamant I would check the Models Own Bottle Shop out.

I went to Boots first, trying to pick up their new polishes as they were on 3 for 2.  However, the Hed Kandi one I wanted was sold out.  So, I headed off in search of the new store and found it with great ease.

The easiest way to find it is to find either the Apple shop, Zara, the taco place or Topshop and you will see the bottle shop.  Or, if you look for the massive Vue sign, you'll also find it.  If you're by MAC/All Saints/AX then right above AX is where the shop is.  If you know where the Nandos is (below the Vue) then you'll definitely see the bottle shop.

Anyway, I got the bottle shop, had a mooch around and was then approached by one of the ladies who worked there, she found me a sealed bottle of the Hed Kandi polish I wanted and then let me browse as I wished.  I picked up the bright blue from the Hed Kandi range and then another lady who worked there suggested I buy Fuzzy Peach as it would go wonderfully with my skintone.

I asked the lady if the shop was just a pop up shop and she told me that it was now a permanent fixture which is fantastic as I've always wanted to see all the MO polishes before buying and I find that Boots don't stock the entire range.

The shop was quite busy when I was there but I found all the staff to be really helpful.  My only issue (and this is a minor issue) was that the blue bottle of Hed Kandi polish was not sealed and had some polish around the rim..but hopefully I'll be able to return it for one that is sealed.

Also, I noticed that Models Own were saying that the store would have some exclusives which they may well do, I was too enamoured with the Hed Kandi polishes that I totally forgot to ask about these but will be doing so when I get back.

Apart from that, I'd definitely suggest getting down there and having a good old look.  They've also got the full range of brushes and makeup there which I thought was an added bonus..

You will notice that all the ladies who work there are equipped with iPads.  When you buy your polish of choice, they tap into the iPad what you have bought (exactly like when you're online) and then you pay via your chosen method.  The only reason why I think they do that is market research?  See which shades are most popular etc..

They run the same deals in-store that they do online, I bought these three for £12...
The presentation box is a nice touch and gives you the peace of mind that they're secure whilst you're shopping until you drop..
It would have been nice if they had Models Own bags..I was handed this blue bag which reminds me of the meat shop.  Yes, to Indian children, there's no butchers.  It's the meat shop.  Since the dawn of time (or since Indian meat shops existed in England), meat has been given to customers in these blue bags.  Now, the blue bags for meat are a bit darker than these but still..same colour family!
So, is it worth a visit? 
It doesn't take me long to get to Westfield but I would say 'yes'.  I know a lot of bloggers come down to Westfield to visit Inglot and now Kiko but I think the new Models Own shop is definitely worth a visit.  Nail polish is something that is really difficult to buy blind and as the store has everything Models Own sell, you'll be able to see if the colour you thought you wanted is actually the same in the flesh as it was on the screen.


  1. Lol the meat shop! I hate those bags!

  2. Absolutely love the way that looks - think it's worth a visit for a look at it!

  3. Thanks for the review - Good to know they do the same deals as on the website. I'm looking forward to seeing all the shades together so will pop by at some time as it does look amazing. Lol at the meat bag!

  4. I laughed at the 'meat shop' line...I find the Afro-Caribbean stores in Finsbury Park give out similar coloured bags :P I need to see this bottle store, wasn't convinced at first but your post has sold me! You're right about nail polish being something that you need to see in person, even though Models Own generally have quite accurate online swatches, I personally prefer to get the exact colour.

  5. oh my!!!!!!!! I could live in this bottle :D

  6. oh my!!!!! I could live in this bottle! :d

  7. You've sold me on a trip to the Westfield with this post... didn't realise they did the same deals here as online. I want one of the new Beetlejuice polishes but wasn't going to make one order just for that one thing. Cheers!

    P.S. all the bangladeshi butchers around where my all flat was did those bags! I miss them since I moved away.

  8. My first husband was Asian and he used to say the same thing about blue bags! I wish MO would open up a bottle shop in Nottingham :D

  9. Forgive me, because I know you are not technically 'new' but youre new to me so I've nominated you for a Versatile Blogger Award! This is just a quick link to the post. Wanted to say I really enjoy your blog and look forward to seeing your recommendations, Claire (May_belater)


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