Sunday, 22 April 2012

The Sunday Night Sit-Down

Another two weeks have passed in Rhamnousia land..and am I any wiser?  I learnt a new word so I'll say yes.

I've been super busy over these past two weeks, a paralegal on my team has left and the main case I am currently working on has gone to court.  I will also be turning 28 tomorrow..and will have to in work by half past seven as we're in court.  I'm fucking excited, I'll you that for nothing.  I've been working on this case even since I was a trainee!

These are my excitements and annoyances of the past two weeks..

  • Rainbows - I work in the sky, my office is quite high up and over these past two weeks we have been able to witness three rainbows.  The second one we saw was part of a double rainbow..which lead to an Australian associate Youtubing rainbows as he said he had not seen any in Australia.
  • The gym - I haven't been there a lot recently because I hurt my leg but I am really enjoying my time there now, the time just fliiiiiiiiiies by.  I've also managed to shorten my workout to 30 minutes of hardcore cardio.
  • Nandos - Been eating a fair bit of this recently and what else can I say, who the hell dislikes chicken?! Talking of which, I was in there last Saturday with my mum (the Glasshouse Street one) and this guy came in asking how you could get a Black Card (that entitles you to free Nandos..the dream for most of us).  I told him you had to be famous and his mate said that he was, he was on Channel U.  I told him he had to get as big as Example to have which he replies "MAN'S A WAAAAAAASTE".  LOL.
  • The return of TOWIE - I love TOWIE.  It used to be brilliant before but I find that since Mark and Kirk left, it's not as good as it was.  That still doesn't stop me watching it.  Gemma is getting on my tits a bit though, she whinged for ages about getting a man and now she has one, she keeps picking fault with him.
  • Zaza Gelato - One word for this and that is BUFF.  I always get this when I go to Westfield, I love the Bosca de Tutti flavour (raspberry) and the Mint Choc Chip one.  Try them and you won't be sorry.  It's £2.50 per tub/small cone but you do get a fair whack..
  • Bobbi Brown Gel Liner - probably one of my all time favourite beauty buys.  I have many other gel liners but this is the one that gets shown the most love.  I have had it for an absolute age now (since about 2008) and it has not dried out and is still going strong.  I've started wearing it to work everyday, just as a straight line over my lids and it really frames my eyes.  I can't wear this and pencil liner as it makes my eyes look really small. 
  • NARS Albatross - A love I blogged about before, I have been using this every single day to highlight my brow bone and my cheeks and nothing else gives me a glow like it..  My only issue with it is man-made, I need to learn that a tiiiiiiiiny dab will do both cheeks and the brow.
  • Slankets - I found one in Primark for a fiver, it went right in the basket! 
  • Tapered trousers - I bought some of these from Dorothy Perkins, they are the trousers that featured in my Models Own post.  I love these.  They are so easy wear and the fit is very flattering.  I need to find myself some more of these..
  • Going out with Simon - Been doing this a lot recently and I really enjoy it..nice to waste some of the money we spend too long earning.
  • The sizing in Topshop - I never thought that Topshop sizing would be better than New Look but it is.  And talking of Topshop, I'd like to give a special hat-tip to Sarah..when this lady says a Topshop sale is about to start, you get on the Topshop website!
  • House-hunting -  I love house-hunting, you seen loads of gorgeous houses and your mind kind of runs away with itself.  We saw a house the other day and the bedroom was gorgeous, it was the size of our entire flat..if not bigger, actually, I think it was bigger.  I fell in love with it but not only is it too far from work, it's also slightly out of our budget..and you can't make the puppydog eyes at your dad when you want a house.
  • iPad - I have had two of these through work before but I never saw the point of them so I gave them to my brothers.  We bought my mum a 3 for Mother's Day and I have since received my 3 from work and now I see why people like them so much, they're so easy to use.  I'm not that a big a twat that I take it on the Tube in the morning and read the paper on it.  I did however, try and Turbanize Simon but it didn't work..
  • My birthday - For the first time ever I don't really know what I want.  Well, that's a lie.  Took a trip to Selfridges with my mumsicle recently and found some purses that I quite liked..but then I don't know.. I can buy myself that and I think birthdays should be reserved for special things.  Can't see me asking for a Birkin going down too well!  Plus I'd be too scared to take it out in public.
  • D & G's Medicine Man watch - the pattern on this reminds me of my childhood when I used to wake up early on a Saturday and be greeted by this girl's face on the TV.  This watch is brilliant for everyday work wear, chunky enough to not roll around and break and the face is quite bright too. My other two work watches are Cartiers.  One is a mens watch and the other is an oval faced ladies watch.  The latter is my favourite.  D & G should bring out a Lawyer Lady one..I'd be all over that!
  • The word 'upcylce'  - I heard this on The Apprentice and I know what you're thinking..since when has The Apprentice ever been known for sprouting bollocks?  Well, this upcycle word just takes the piss.  Surely it just means refurbish?
  • Men with no manners - They seem to always get off at Canary Wharf.  TWICE this week I was pushed by this certain bastard and come Wednesday I had had enough so I exacted revenge.  He won't be messing with me again! 
  • People who think the Tube is made for them and them alone - This estupide woman who always gets on at London Bridge with me thinks the train is hers alone.  She holds on with one hand and leans against the pole with the other whilst she reads.  Her book was right in my face the other day and she was practically resting on my arm..swift words were had! 
  • Useless people at work who think they know more than anyone else - I have been whingeing about a certain paralegal at work on Twitter.  She is so unprofessional, she asks the partner questions that you're not meant to, she doesn't realise that this is real life and you don't need to research everything and do background reading before you start working on things. 
  • Finding a decent sports bra - This is really hard when you have DD boobs.  I have tried nearly all the ones I can from the sports shop, I refuse to pay a LOT of money for something I am wearing for an hour a day.  The best one I have found so far is from Tesco and I chanced upon it in their sale. 
  • Finding a pair of decent black flats - NIGHTMARE!!!
  • Finding some suede protection spray that actually works - Does one exist?! I mentioned in my other SNSD post that I had to engage in guerilla warfare to get some John Rocha shoes..ones I have been unable to wear as Simon wasted nearly all the suede spray on his Adidas trainers..wasteman.
  • Living like a gypsy - No, not predicting the future but with a million bags around me.  The photo below will show you what I mean.  Three of those bags are gym bags, one is the slanket, the other contains bras and the last one is a Next dress.  I just don't seem to have time to do anything!
  • Having to start work early and finish late..every day last week - NOT.IMPRESSED.  I was dead on my feet on Friday..perked up a bit over the weekend but not looking forward to starting work on Monday at half seven. 
  • Missing TV shows - I have missed Facejacker for the past two weeks in a row, the same is true for Napoleon Dynamite.  I've not seen Eastenders all week and I only found out yesterday that Louis Theroux was back on TV.
  • The new Blogger layout - WHAT.THE.HELL.  It's bloody rubbish!


  1. I do enjoy reading these posts. Try TKMaxx for a sports bra and M&S do suede protector sprays xx

  2. You read this one very quickly!

    I never thought to check TK Maxx for them, I tend to stick to their beauty stuff and will definitely be checking out M&S. You're bloody brilliant Tass x

  3. Oh my fellow Taurean :) whoop wooo. Hope you have a great day, I feel you with not knowing what you want for your bday, I'm the same cos I can get it myself when I nee it. Black flats - amen can't even find a decent pair either, I got those TopShop vectra slippers but of course they have the studs on - can't win. I said the same thing with the Apprentice 'upcycle' wtf!! XO

  4. I love these posts they're so fun! ha x

  5. I was like whose Sarah, i need to find this girl.. oh its me ; ) should totally out that skill on my cv thanks for the mention :) xxxx

  6. oh how ive missed your blog!!!!! brill read and nice to know what you've been up to xxx

  7. I really enjoyed this post. I think I need to incorporate something similar on my blog. LOL @ Sarah's comment above! That girl is nuts!


  8. Jealous of the slanket!!! And what exactly is this revenge? Sounds intriguing! Love these posts x


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