Thursday, 22 December 2011

Merry (early) Christmas!

Now I know that today is NOT Christmas, you can't even really call it Christmas Eve Eve Eve although technically, that is what it is.

The first thing I'd like to say is that this year has really flown by.  It feels like only three months ago that I was writing my Christmas post for 2010.  Clearly, it has been 11 and a bit months.

2011 was a very good year for me, the highlight of which was getting married (in New York no less) to my gorgeous husband.  A husband who is as near to perfect a man I could have wished for.  Our relationship is not perfect, but then who wants perfect?!  We're still in the flat and I do love it here as it is really convenient.  I do realise how lucky we are that the flat is in Zone 1 and that we aren't renting it but I still want a townhouse.  But then I've wanted a townhouse since I was 17..  I'm a lot closer to having it now than I was then and one day soon, it will be mine!

As you can tell, I'm in a very good mood whilst writing this..finally in the festive spirit!  Spirit being the key word as the drinks trolley made its rounds today at work.  The only time of year when it comes around on a day that is not Friday..  I was on the sauce at work and I've had a few JD and Cokes since I've been home.

I've been told that we usually get to go home early on Christmas Eve but seeing as this year, that falls on a Saturday, we're not sure what time we finish on Friday.  However, we can wear what we like and we can drink all day..which is a-ok with me!

Remember this time last year?  I do because it snowed and I had to bring the turkey home on the frigging bus!  Bringing a turkey for 20 people home on the bus is NOT fun.

This Christmas at my house (it is mine whilst my parents are away as I'm the oldest child..) is going to be a very simple affair.  Last year it was a larger affair as there were twenty people present but this year it will only be me, my brother and my husband.  It still feels strange calling him that..when people ask me about my "husband", I give them a blank stare before realising that I am indeed past the strage of bethrothal and that I do come with a husband as standard.

So..why is this message coming out early?

Many reasons..the main one being that I've neglected this blog over the past few months..I can't say why as the matter I'm working on at work is confindential (and it is SO hard to keep my mouth shut) but all will come out eventually.  In fact, some is already out..

As I am solely in charge of the Christmas dinner this year (as my mum, dad and youngest brother are in America), I've been run off my feet.  The stress of feeding three people so much food is nearly too much to take.

My brother has brought the turkey home, I've been carting the veg etc.. home from work.  We're all but done now.  I want a Christmas ham which I will pick up tomorrow but I'm not sure as our turkey will feed eight people and with the rest of the fam back on the day after Boxing Day, it might go to waste (although food seldom goes to waste in my house..)

My youngest brother is, as I mentioned, in America and is getting daily emails from me about what I'd like.  I've told him to steer clear of stuff I can get here as the exchange rate is not too good.  He's bought me everything I've asked for so far so I'll be buying him a watch in the sales this year.  I've told him to not take advantage of my good nature but he's my brother so he'll get the best watch I can afford.

Talking of sales, I'm a bit concerned about the economy.  In years past when I've rushed to John Lewis/Selfridges after work to get some last minute presents, it has been heaving.  I went today and it was totally not busy.  I've seen some nice things in the River Island sale but me and my middle brother need to have a tete a tete about things and make one combined order. 

That just adds to my theory that things are too expensive!   I remember the days when the January sales actually started in January!  I might chance it and go to Harrods, Selfridges and Harvey Nicks but I'm not sure as I'll just waste money on stuff I won't even use.  I bought one thing in the sales last year and I've not even worn that so the lesson there is to be more selective.

Having said that, I treated myself to a Balenciaga bag the other day and I can stuff so much into it which is brilliant.  However, this does not mean that I'm totally happy as the next thing I need to buy is a decent leather purse which is what I'll be getting in the sales.

That reminds me, when did New Look make their sizes so big?! I bought a size 14 top the other day and it is huuuuuuge on me.  I might just wear it as slouchy as I don't have the time or inclination to return it again.

Going back to the sales, I've been cheeky and taken next week off work.  One day I need to pick my parents up, three days I will go sale shopping and one day I will help my brother move into his new place.  Then back to work..when two weeks later, we'll see Easter Eggs in the supermarkets..

With regards to presents, I know that I am already getting the NARS Danmari palette and some new Uggs.  I haven't really asked for much but I will be buying a laptop in the sales.  My dad, however, is convinced he will buy this for me but I won't let him.  He's also told us that his gift this year is "a gift for the family"..which is something I cannot wait to see, how has he managed to buy ONE THING that will be universally acccepted by a makeup lover, a techy bod, an MMA nut and my mum is beyond me...  I've tried guessing but I guess we'll find out come the day after Boxing Day.  He's locked his office and hidden the key so I can't snoop either, boo!

That's enough rambling for now..

This message has gone "live" whilst I'm at work..probably looking for my NYE outfit.  This year I'm going to an unofficial Back to School: 2001 rave and I can't wait, I've not heard any decent garage music for ages! 


M E R R Y  C H R I S T M A S ! ! !
To everyone who comes across this post, be you a long time reader, first time reader or one of the non beauty blogging people who follow me on Twitter (because I'm all eclectic and shit) then I wish you all a Merry Christmas and  fantastic New Year!  If you're feeling a bit crappy now then remember that things can only get better! 


  1. Aw I didn't know you got married in NY, how romantic! (getting married abroad is always romantic idk why). I was going to say maybe your dad has bought a puppy but seeing as it's locked away it might be a big ass tv?? xx

  2. Aw I didn't know you got married in NY, how romantic! (getting married abroad is always romantic idk why). I was going to say maybe your dad has bought a puppy but seeing as it's locked away it might be a big ass tv?? xx

  3. How did I miss you getting married?! ;___; CONGRATSSSSSSSS

  4. I really loved reading this post. Thank you for writing it. I hope things do get better because sometimes I get tired waiting!

    Anyway, I hope you have a fantastic Christmas and eat far too much!

    Take care,

    Nazia xxx

  5. 1st things first:

    IM SO PROUD (and jealous) OF THE BALENCIAGA -i think i speak here for every one when i say - WE WANT PHOTOS (please!)

    secondly, good luck with all that cooking! crikey, make sure Simon &the brothers do their fairshare!

    thirdly, even more so insanely jealous of the Nars blush palette, although if you post about it, i think it will definitely enable me to buy it, then i can blame you (win win).

    fourthly: i cannot wait to here 'it all come out' oooooh suspicious!

    have a fab Christmas my lovely!


    (please excuse my barbaric commenting - train of thought and all that jazz)

  6. Aww this post has made me feel all Christmassy and smiley! Merry Christmas my dear, hope to see a lot more of you in 2012!

    Just looked up that Danmari palette - that looks amazing! And a Balenciaga??? Did you get a motorcycle, and what colour? They are my favourite label-bags (aside from Marc Jacobs and Mulberry) especially since they are squishy, a bit lighter than Mulberry especially, and just get better with age. I only have a "replica" (embarassed) in seafoam I bought off someone else, but I love it.

    I could waffle for ages here (I do believe I have already) but I've had a hectic few weeks and am looking forward to finally becoming the Christmas fairy and sorting out our house and tree today!

    Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year to you, Simon and the family and lots of love xxx


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