Friday, 30 December 2011

The Illamasqua Christmas Sale: What I bought

Whenever I go to Oxford Street (be it to go swatch mad on makeup or to pick up some bits for the flat/house), I meander on down to Liberty and now on down to the Illamasqua flagship store on Beak Street.

As I tend to hit this shop after I'm practically shopped out at Selfridges, John Lewis, Debenhams, HoF and Liberty, I get a bit of fatigue on only test out things that really jump out at me.  The only thing that annoys me is that they store all the products upside down which makes it hard to swatch them in a rush.

The Illamasqua sale is a proper sale.  You can pick up a lot of things for £5 (cream shadows, false lashes, nail polish etc..) 

This is what I got from the Illamasqu sale..8 things for a very decent £45.
I got three cream eyeshadows (Malevolvent, Debauch and Peak) which I will either use as such or to add a bit of colour to my lower (or upper) lashline.  I was going to buy an apricot shade to use as a blusher but after seeing the consistency of these, I'm glad I didn't as I don't think they have enough slip to be used in that way..but then I might be wrong.

I also got a set of three liquid metals for the bargain price of £10, each usually retail for £17.50.  They also smell nice and sweet..kind of like those Rusk biscuits and a bit like cocoa butter.

The final two things are eyeliner pencils.  One is a thin pencil (Eerie..which is black) and a fat pencil (Fickle).  Eerie looks furry and I don't think that's right.

Anyone else found any bargains?  I wanted to buy so much but have been behaving myself so this is it for me so far.  I might get a perfume from L'artisan Parfumeur but that is about it.  Well..and a Matalan order but I think that really is it!

You can check the sale out here.


  1. I love a bargain! Great choices x

  2. Nice haul! I picked up some lipsticks and nail varnish :)

  3. Ooooh is Malevolent the read one in the picture? If so, that is the PERFECT name for that shade!

    Also, furry pencil? D:


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