Sunday, 11 December 2011

They say simple things please simple minds: Woods of Windsor soaps

I was invited to an event last weekend but due to someone shrinking all of my work trousers, I had to do an emergency trouser shop.  That resulted in me missing the event and also buying more tops than trousers.

The event was for Yardley and Woods of Windsor..I loved the event they put on before and thus my annoyance at the trouser shrinker was palpable.

Anyway, I was sent a range of products by both Yardley and Woods of Windsor and the packaging of the soaps has really won me over.  These are right up my street and I would love to receive something wrapped in a similar fashion for Christmas.
I've sepia-d this photo up because I wanted to add an air of "mystery" to their actual colouring.  Seriously, I've never been this impressed with packaging before.  I LOVE the prints on the packaging and the smells are gorgeous.

I only got these on Saturday and despite having a queue of posts lined up, this jumped ahead of all of them as I was that impressed by the packaging.

Have a look...
My photographs do the packaging no justice, they really are gorgeous.  If I have time to take them in decent enough lighting, I'll add some more to this post.

Now, let me tell you about Spiced Vanilla.  This is a scent that I have been trying to track down for years. It is the scent of Christmas for me, it smells exactly like my childhood home used to.  We haven't been able to replicate that smell since my parents moved.  I'm convinced that that is because we were in that house for 12 years and my parents have moved twice since I was 19.  Now I've found this scent, I am going to try and find a candle that replicates this smell.

Also, Sweet Fig and Pomegranate is the smell of my mum.  You know when you hug your mum and you get that "mum smell" from her?  She smells exactly like Sweet Fig and Pomegranate.  It's the kind of smell that is very hard to capture in a manufactured scent, it's just my mum's smell.

These soaps all smell gorgeous, not synthetic at all which is something that I always welcome.  The Spiced Vanilla one smells the strongest but they all have their individual scents.  The scent of Sweet Fig and "Mum" is a bit weaker

I'm very against things that are faux old school.  You can't successfully make something new look like it's old.  The packaging design seems to have an authenticity to it, you can tell they haven't just switched to this packaging because vintage is currently en vogue.  To me, the clue is personally in the colours they've used..  The designs look almost Victorian to me but then I'm not hot on my period pieces.

If you're looking for an alternative to burning scented candles/using room sprays or those diffuser sticks that are en vogue at the moment, then you could unwrap one of these soaps and they'd easily scent the room.  Mine have been resting in different rooms in the flat (still wrapped) and they've scented the rooms up nicely.

Each retails for £4.95..have a look at the rest of the range here..

And "they" who are featured in the title of this post can jog right on!


  1. ♥ the packaging & your post


  2. The packaging is very pretty, that alone would make me get some soaps!

  3. I used to collect soaps as a small girl, strange I know but had all sorts of different types in diferent packaging, then one day I got rid of them! I still look at soaps like these wistfully and am tempted to buy, but would never usse so never bother now.

  4. Lovely packaging indeed. I wish I liked fruity fragrances coz then I would be all over these!


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