Thursday, 8 September 2011

Why you NEED ELF's stipple brush!

I finally managed to take advantage of ELF's free delivery dealy and the stipple brush was one of the things I ordered.  I read a fair few reviews about the brush and there were a fair few negative ones.  I'm glad I ignored them and bought this because I love it!
I've always had an issue with my cream blushers just not applying properly.  When I use my fingers, I get mroe on my fingers than I do on my face and when I use a standard brush, it seems to never apply properly.

My main problem was the fact that I could never actually see it applying on my skin and it never showed up in any photos so I didn't really see the point.

The first time I used my stipple brush, I could see the colour actually being deposited on my cheeks so I was super happy.  Then I got a bit carried away and put too much blusher on and had to tone it down with some translucent powder. 
The hairs are actually black and white, mine are pink because I've been abusing my blushers

Using the brush is quite messy though, the plastic packaging around the outside of my blusher is now stippled with tones of blush but I can forgive that as now you can actually see the blusher on me.

This brush is not super dense but I think that you don't want something super dense when you're just trying to apply a wash of colour to your face.  The hairs are really soft and the pick up pigment perfectly.  I washed it a few times and it hasn't shed any hairs which is another plus.

The best thing is that it will only set you back £3.50 which is a bloody bargain!  You can pick it up from here..and whilst you're there, get yourself one of their matte lip pencils as they're on offer for £1 (down from £3.50) and they're very moisturising!


  1. I like the stipppling brush for applying liquid foundation. Gives great results every time.

  2. I have the Sigma one and I love it for applying cream blusher too. If this had been out before though I would have got it, it is a lot cheaper!

  3. im a stippling brush virgin! this is so cheap and ive read good reviews so definitely going to buy this.
    I bought all the matte lip pencils during thier 50% off offer.. i just wish they had a bigger colour variety xx

  4. I'm planning on doing a little elf haul and this has been on my mental wish list for a little while now, such a helpful post as I was actually planning to buy it to use with cream blush too! xx

  5. Pandora's Box: I apply my foundation with a massive fluffy brush but I might get another stipple brush and try it with that as it lays the product down very well.

    MakeupMonologue: I went through a massive "must order Sigma" phase but then other brushes came along and now I'm happy with what I have but you never know..

    Kiran: Me too! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Praline. I've ordered three more whilst they're on for £1 and I have a post coming up about them..

    Summer Loren: Aww, thanks. Get in there quick because I believe they have a free shipping after £10 offer on and their matte lip pencils (which are fantastic) are also on sale.

  6. Sounds good! I apply cream blush with my fingers but use a stippling brush for powder blush everyday :)

  7. This brush is amazing! I use it for really high pigmented blushes too xx

  8. I have this and really like it for foundation. Now I need to try this with blushes! ELF are currently having a 50% off sale too :D


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