Thursday, 25 August 2011

Barbara Daly Lash Boost Mascara

The product featured here is a mixture of both my love of Tesco and my love of mascara.  I have never ever seen any Barbara Daly mascaras in Tesco before and I know exactly why this is.  In the Tesco where me and Simon shop, the BD display is at the end of the aisle and by the time I get there, I feel sorry for Simon because he's bored out of his mind wandering down an aisle crammed with makeup.  This is why I've never had time to properly look at her display.  I tried a different tactic once by approacing the aisle from a different direction but that didn't work as some div ran over my foot with a trolley.
Anyway, the mascara gods must have realised my plight and I was offered the chance to trial it.

Firstly, can I give a big thumbs up to whoever decided on the packaging.  I love it.  It looks sleek and actually stays sleek looking.  It's a lot shinier than my photos make out.  It's been rolling around in my bag for the past few weeks and there are no scratches on it. 

Secondly, the brush is an odd shape.  It looks as if someone has squashed the middle bristles.  We all know that the days of standard brushes are long gone and that mascara brush makers are getting more and more innovative.  A lot of the time these "innovations" fall flat on their face but I feel this brush shape is quite good.

I like the fact that it is called "Lash Boost" so suing for false representation will be super difficult as nearly all mascaras boost your lashes.

For those not as litigiously minded as me, I really like this as it is fantastic for a daytime mascara for me.  I whack on one/two coats in the morning and it holds up all day.  It not only manages to give my lashes a curl but it lengthens and thickens them perfectly.  You know sometimes you get a mascara that lengthens your lashes but totally forgets to add any volume to the base so you look silly?  This doesn't do that.  It manages to add the perfect amount of base thickness to length.

I was really surprised when I used this as I (to my shame) didn't expect much from it.  However, it has since gone into my top five mascaras.  I know I say that all the time but this has seriously impressed me.  I think I might buy my top five and play them off against each other at once to see how far I get.

Here is how it looked on the eye.  I realise now why the brush is the shape that it is, it lets you get the outer lashes in the first go.  The mascara manages to give my lashes such a good curl that I don't need to use my trusty lash curler.
The consistency of the actual mascara is just about right for this brush.  The last thing you want to be doing is dabbing the brush in and out a million times as that not only wastes time but also throws more bacteria into the mix.

It'll set you back about £6/7 quid and is available from Tesco.  I wrote my backup one off as a shopping expense because in my mind, anything bought whilst food shopping, doesn't strictly count as makeup..a policy that Simon is none too impressed with when the trolley has more makeup in it than actual food.



    Welcome back babe!!

    I would LOVE to try this x

  2. Great result for the price!

  3. Very nice! It seems to have curled your lashes well.

  4. great results....applicator is so eye catching

    new follower
    love ur blog

  5. Mmmm good you're back :D

  6. Great review. First time on your wonderful blog. Now following. This looks like a great mascara for everyday casual look. No clumps whatsoever and it actually curls your lashes to boot. Wish it was available in my part of the world.

  7. thats a funny looking wand! does the job though your lashes look fab x


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