Monday, 12 September 2011

ELF Studio Matte Lip Colour Pencil: Praline

ELF is a brand that seldom disappoints me.  The products are truly budget products (yes, I'm looking at you High Street brands who think that a £4 million mascara constitutes an ordinary budget purchase) and they not only have a wide colour range but they're also constantly bringing out new products..and products that people actually want.

The ELF Studio Matte Lip Colour Pencils come in four different shades and I have Praline.  They also come in Coral, Natural and Tea Rose.  I find it a bit funny that Praline is the colour that looks more like my natural lip colour whereas Natural is more pinky..but it'd be the natural colour for a lot of lighter skinned people.
I will get the one negative out of the way first.  The smell.  It smells like those plastic chairs that little children have.  However, I can forgive this as the smell vanishes and everything else about them is fantastic.  And the smell fades after the first few uses.

Also, you see the smudge? The brand new pencil is not like this.  Mine has been in my bag and my hands for a long time, hence the smudge.  You see those white dots a bit further down? That's where it said "Praline" but yet again, that's worn off.
It calls itself a pencil but to me, it's more like a matte lipstick with a bit of slip to it.  I do have a pencil (from another brand) which is a pencil in the traditional sense and I cannot get away with wearing that with nothing over the top whereas I can just whack the ELF one on and go about my business.

My favourite things about this product are that firstly, it's a twist up product (no sharpening needed) and secondly, the more you use it, the rounder the head gets so application improves.

Actually, I lied.  I have another favourite thing.  It gives me the lip colour that I feel I should have been born with.  I've got the annoying "one lip darker than the other" thing going on and this imparts the same colour onto both lips.
See how natural that looks?

And it takes gloss very well.  I'm not too sure where my teeth are in this photo but I do have a full set somewhere in there.

A lot of matte lip products have a tendency to dry your lips out but I really don't feel that the ELF pencil does that.  I've used it non stop and my lips haven't dried out at all.  I've also not been using as much Carmex so what does that tell you?  If anything actually, my lips feel softer after using this than they do after I've used moisturising lipsticks.

For the princely sum of £3.50, you can't get much better.  My only criticism is that ELF should make more colours, if there were more colours that I could wear, I'd totally buy those.  Click here to buy one!  My timing is obviously not my strong suit (I am Punjabi after all..our clocks run three hours behind everyone elses) as a few days ago, these were selling for £1 on the ELF website..and I bought three backups.


  1. This is seriously good, lovely colour, matte and doesn't parch the lips? Sounds like I need to try this x

  2. I agree! The smell is pretty bad, but I love the Coral one with a coral gloss (NYX Smokey Look) over the top. I can't wear them on their own otherwise they look waaay too chalky on me. x

  3. I love the look of this colour and ordered this one and Tea Rose during the 50% sale (which still worked out at £1.75). Definitely looking forward to trying it out =)

  4. That looks lovely on you! Hmm...I may have to look into an ELF haul!

  5. Lovely color, I'll have to pick this up!! Thanks for the review. x -Lerin

  6. They sound really lovely but I wish they came in more/brighter colours :/

  7. Old Cow: Would I lie to you? This is one of my juju items. I never thought matte would make my lips feel moisturised but this does!

    Lauren Baker: I tend to mix it up with gloss too, it looks nice to me with no gloss on but I realise it makes my lips look dry to other people. I might try it with a coloured gloss on top to see if I get any better results.

    Sahar: No worries!

    Asmaa17: I want to try Coral but am going to wait until I actually NEED more makeup.

    Nazia: Thanks! It is really worth the price as I've used mine nonstop and it hasn't really gone down at all.

    Stardust493: You won't be sorry!

    Lillian: Me too, but I think because ELF make so much, it's hard to develop a massive range of all the items but they definitely should think about increasing this one as I think they're one of their standout products.


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