Monday, 11 July 2011

Reader question: What happened to Tesco's Vitamin E range?

A while ago, I reviewed the whole of Tesco's very budget friendly Vitamin E range (click here to have a read).

Since then, time has passed (way to state the obvious..)  I have purchased the face wash countless times and it was the closest to a HG facewas that I had.
However, for the past few months, I've been going to my local Tesco (it's a big one) and I have never ever come across anything from the range.  Now if my branch was a smaller one, I'd just assume that they didn't stock it but this Tesco is massive and they always had it before.  I just assumed that this particular branch had stocking issues.

Then I got an email from a reader a few weeks ago now and she asked me whether the range had been discontinued becuase she'd not seen it for ages either.

So, I asked the PR for Tesco and she confirmed that the range has indeed been discontinued.  I'm a bit miffed about this because I can't figure out why they'd discontinue something that didn't cost the earth.  Even when they DID have this instore, they were always selling out but the other Tesco ranges were still taking up shelf space.  I've been told that it was done via consumer something.  I can't remember the exact word because it's Sunday and my brain is tired.  Basically, it was discontinued because there wasn't enough demand for it or something.

However, Tesco do have a Cucumber range and a Sensitive range which are along the same price points as the Vitamin C range so there is still something there.  It's just a shame that they got rid of the Vitamin E range, I loved those little wipes..

I have some bits from both the Sensitive and Vitamin C range which I'll be reviewing on here once I get my life back from the anti-trust devil who is currently holding it hostage.


  1. Mmm I'm thought something was up, I've tried to find the wipes several times in all different stores and couldn't find them or any of the range.

    Boo to Tesco!

  2. That is a shame! I loved their vitamin e face wipes, they worked and they were so cheap too :(

  3. Skin Scrubs: I wasn't best impressed with them either but I've got some of their other ranges which I'm using at the moment so I will be reporting back!

    Welldressedbeauty: Tell me about it, I loved them. I got so used to paying less than 30p for them that now I find it hard to buy ones that cost £4 a packet (lol).

  4. I was so gutted when I realised that they had discontinued this line! If I had known that they were going to do this then I would have bought all the face wipes I could find because those were my ultimate favourite face wipes :(


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