Sunday, 22 May 2011

The importance of using eyelash curlers

I bought these Boots Lift and Curve Eyelash Curlers because there was some kind of eyelash curler insanity going around the office.  We tend to have one time it was berry lip tints, then it was Laura Mercier's Pistachio Body Cream (which smells BUFF but is too expensive for me to justify buying it again as I use it up like it's going out of fashion) and then it was eyelash curlers.  I was going to pick up the Shu Uemura curlers but the SA's weren't too helpful so I moved on.
I used these and was amazed at how well my lashes curled.  They were all sort of pokey uppy (I told you I was shit hot on the technical terms) and my eyes looked really awake.  I only realised today that they also make it look as if I have lined my eyes when I haven't which is always a bonus if you're in a rush (as I always am).

However, I have an issue.

I need to use my left hand for my left lashes and my right hand for my right lashes, I'd prefer being able to use one hand for both eyes.  Is using both hands the norm with lash curlers or should you be able to do both eyes with one hand?  When I did use one hand for both eyes I found that the lashes on the left didn't curl as well (I had to do it in two steps) and also that the curlers gripped my skin.

Another thing I found.. If you have a mascara that is crap, curl your lashes and then apply it and see your mind change.  I thought that this Rimmel mascara wasn't all that but when I use it with these, it really comes to life.  I can't imagine how well it'd work with mascara that I love.

The proof is in the photographic pudding..
See the faux liner in the second picture?
You get replacement pads with these which I like as you don't have to fork out for a new curler when the pads go manky.  This brings me onto my next do you know that the pads have had it? And how do you replace them? I might have to Youtube that and see.  I've been using them every single day for about two months now and they don't seem like they need replacing yet.

As you can tell, I'm more than impressed with these..I don't think I'll get the Shu ones but then the devil inside keeps asking me that if the Boots ones are this good, how brilliant must the Shu ones be.

They cost me the grand sum of £6.64 but they with the Boots £5 off vouchers, you can get them for less than £2.  Get them here!


  1. I've bought the same eyelash curler over and over again, the £1.99 one from H&M. They work for me and I don't know how to tell the difference between other branded eyelash curlers? xx

  2. Tass: I didn't even know they sold eyelash curlers! I know they do makeup but didn't realise they did the extra bits too. I don't know too much about curlers (yes, there is a chink in my knowledge armour :P) but I really want to know how good the Shu ones are if this is how good these are. I used to have some rubbish plastic ones before and they were crap compared to these.

  3. Ugh your lashes look awesome! I finally caved and bought an Ardell curler recently, after my cheapie one broke several months ago. Yeah, I'm lazy XD

  4. SilhouetteScreams: I'll trade the lashes for your eye shape, what do you say? :p These are the first proper curlers I've had and I doubt I'll be buying different ones. I say that now but you just watch when I've got about 10 million pairs..

  5. Love the end result! I must invest in some!

  6. The Dollymix Diaries: I thought lash curlers just made your lashes look curled, I didn't realise you could fake the liner look from them. I think they're my find of the year so far!

  7. Great post, wow, they have curled your lashes really well! I've been using shu uemura one's for years, they really are amazing and comfortable to use. I've no idea how or when to replace the pad on mine either! x

  8. I had no idea No 7 did eyelash curlers. I'm currently using a Cosmetics a la Carte one but I'll definitely be buying one of these with my No 7 voucher, the before and after pictures look really impressive x

  9. StyleFrost: I couldn't help myself whilst shopping yesterday so I've bought the Shu ones too but haven't used them yet..

  10. Peonies and lilies: I remember you mentioning them before..I curled my lashes with the No7 ones again yesterday and had a good look. You get the faux liner look even before putting the mascara on..


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