Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils in Baked, Binge and Mildew

There are some products that need no introduction; the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils fall into this illustrious group..but as this sentence illustrates, they're still getting one.  

The inspiration behind  the naming process for Baked and Mildew is obvious but I just don't get Binge.  If I was naming it, I'd call it Galaxy because it reminds me of the night sky they used to have on The Jetsons.  Or velvet because it reminds me of blue velvet.
The fact that the casing corresponds with the colour of the pencil is a godsend for me because I'm perpetually in a rush so I know exactly what I'm grabbing for when I pick up one of these babies.

The pencils are soft enough to glide along the waterline and lashline without tugging but strong enough to leave a decent amount of pigment behind.  You don't have to go giving your waterline the violin action to get a fair bit of colour.  The colour flows easily on the upper lashline and doesn't budge until I need to take it off.
I have oily lids and these all last well on both the waterline and lashline. Normal wear for me is 7 a.m. until about 10 p.m.  However, if you want to push it and wear them longer, they do smudge..but more in a "she's rubbed the pencil through her lower lashes" way than a "she's been crying and hasn't tidied her makeup up" way.  And if someone ever said the latter to me, they'd get a swift kick..as if sorting your makeup out would be the first thing on your mind.

I got a good few months usage out of them before the first one needed sharpening which is a long time as I usually end up sharpening after a few weeks.  When I sharpened Galaxy Velvet Binge and it didn't crumble so you're all good on that front. 
Each colour really makes my brown eyes sparkle in a way that no other eye pencil has done. My favourite is Binge, simply because the blue manages to not only make the whites of my eyes look whiter but it also makes the brown sparkle. 

If anyone reading this never knows how to dress their eyes up for an Indian function, buy Baked and you won't be sorry.  I either line my waterline with it or line my upper lashline and stroke it through my lashes, whack some mascara on and I'm done!
Notice the tired eyes in the last photo? I'm not usually that dopey looking.
I'm not sure why Baked looks patchy but trust me, it is very pigmented and gives you a gorgeous pop of colour.  I'm not sure why you can't see it on my waterline because you can in reality.  Mildew and Binge are perfect worksafe colours for me.  Most of my other green/blue pencils are either too bright for work or they're just not worth wearing as they look black.

Each pencil costs £13.00 from Debenhams and the usual outlets.  I'm planning on buying Zero as I know it will let my line my upper lashline in a hurry and run off to work.


  1. I love the colours, ALL three. :D
    And they look gorgeous on you.

  2. I want baked! I want it more than ever now x

  3. Bleurgh Urban Decay need to sell their shit in Australia NOW. I need Baked!

  4. Shrutilaya: Thanks! I have others which I've bought that I'm going to post about..they're all fantastic!

  5. Bhevarri: They're really good! They enhance my eyes like no other pencil has done..and they last an age!

  6. Old Cow: It'd work really well on your eyes as your eyes are a similar colour to mine.

  7. Silhouette Screams: They don't already? I bet they'll jack the pirce up! I'm glad you can see that Baked is nice, my photos don't show it, boo!

  8. I want mildew! I love how it isn't a brightass green - the kind that elicits weird look at work! :D

  9. Ki: Me too! Most of the other greens I have are either too dark and look black or are too bright and I look like a parrot at work. They have a massive range so they've got pencils you can use for parties and ones that are work friendly too.

  10. I like all 3, but the blue looks AMAZING on you!! :D

  11. I love the green! :D

  12. Stravroula: I LOVE the blue, it's become my go to shade.

  13. Skin Scrubs: It's gorgeous isn't it? I love how they have differing shades of each colour, I've seen about three different blues so far.

  14. These colours look amazing, I'd wear them all! I've only ever tried black and love it! x


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