Friday, 1 April 2011

Stylerush straighteners: A cheaper alternative to GHD's?

I was recently sent some Stylerush straighteners to review and I wanted to see if they could act as a GHD replacement iron.  Those plates of solid ceramic goodness have let me get my hair from soaking wet to pin straight in 20 minutes.  I dry my hair with a blow dryer before I get my irons on it because if you don't your hair will hiss like a pissed off cat and it won't straighten well at all. 

The Stylerush irons glide through my hair a bit too quickly, so much so that I feel that I have to do some bits twice.  My GHD's seem a bit sturdier in that respect as they "clamp" down on my hair a bit more and straighten it perfectly in one swipe.  I think because the GHD plates are thicker, they work through my thick, curly hair better.  Neither iron snags my hair either which is always a good thing.  Having said that, getting my hair straight with the Stylerush straighteners isn't always a pain.  I only feel a bit wound up when I'm feeling lazy and wish they'd work with one swipe.  Two/three swipes usually take the curl out properly.
They have the standard LED indicator which lets you know they are ready for action.  They heat up quickly, a little longer than my GHD's but only by about five seconds or so.

I have to push the plates together when using the Stylerush straighteners to get my hair as straight as I'd like and as quick as I'd like.  My fingers don't burn when I do this as the plates end and there is a space (just plastic) where you can rest your finger.

You get a plate guard and a material bag in which to store your straighteners.  My GHD's are old school and didn't come with anything extra (bar the iron oil that I got because my brother sweet talked the girl in the salon).  I tried the cap over my GHD's and it fits on them too.  The plate guard ensures the iron won't snap in two when you're travelling with it.  (I undertook extensive scientific testing to prove that hypothesis..I put the guard on and tipped the irons upside down and shook them).

They also feature an automatic shut off and a useful swivel cord which is brilliant as I find non sviwel cords really impede the performance of irons.  The cord is a good six feet long so you don't need to be fornicating the plug socket just to use it.

Do they straighten as well as GHD's? 

If you have slightly wavy/straight hair then you can easily save some dollar and buy the Stylerush irons over GHD's.  If your hair is thick and properly curly (like mine) then I'd suggest getting the GHD's because they not only straighten your hair quicker, they grip the hair better and they give your hair a little extra finesse.  I found myself straightening the root area a lot more with the Stylerush straighteners and there were some sections of hair that still had a slight wave.

If you're looking for a travel straightener (to use after you've done the initial straightening), then the travel version of this would be pretty good.  That's what I'm going to use my Stylerush one for..or if I just want to shove the curls in a bun, I'll straighten the front parts with this and be done with it.

As you can see, there is a wave/curl on the right hand side (which is towards the back of my head) which was hard to straighten..I went over it three times and this was the best I got.

The Stylerush straighteners are available in many colourways (purple and white, black and gold, white and green and finally white and orange).  The standard styler (which I have) and the mini styler.  The standard styler costs £79.99 and the mini is £39.99.  You can pick them up from here.


  1. Your hair looks GORGEOUS!! Oh my goodness. -what's the secret?

    I've never had a pair of GHD, I'm such a Babyliss brand whore so to speak

  2. Aww, thanks! It looks a bit bleh here, if you check the Tara Smith post you can see how it normally looks with my GHD's. The secret is OILS, hair oils! You know the smelly ones you get in the Indian shops? Them. I wrote a post about the hair oils I use:

    BUT they take time to work, about three or four applications!

  3. How annoying, i would rather just cough up an extra ££ to get a GHD pair.

    I snagged two free pairs when i was interning on a magazine to try out, one pair were Remmington and they are dream, partly because my hair is so fine it only needs a touch of heat.But the other pair were god awful, they diddnt clamp together and snagged my hair to pieces, and they apparently changed heat and pressure depending on what hair style you selected - WEIRD and crap too! xxxx

  4. ur hair is lookin shiney! and so healthy bet the secret to this is good old tehl lol

  5. City Girl's Fashion Box: I've had my fair share of shit straighteners. The first pair I ever had were a six in one tool and the straightening bit was MASSIVE. I remember it took me and my cousin about two hours to get through all of my hair and it just curled up again in the morning.

    Amina: Thanks! It is indeed the old oil, it's worth stinking for a while to get nice hair.


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