Wednesday, 30 March 2011

The Mother's Day Gift Guide: The blingy edition.

My mum is like a magpie around anything that sparkles.  So sharp is this magpie-like skill that she saw my engagement ring before my hand was out of my pocket.  

The gifts featured below are guaranteed to bring a smile to the chops of any magpie-like mum.  Chops has been my word of the week by the way, I've been using it a lot more than I really should.  If you're nice, she might just let you share..but I wouldn't hold your breath because if I got some of the items below, I wouldn't even let you look at them.
  1. Leather measuring tap: £15.00
  2. Swarovski iPad cover: £675.00
  3. Large Heart Ornament: £45.00
  4. Swarovski iPad cover: £675.00
  5. Princess Pink Swarovski Gift Set: £145.00
  6. Personalised Blackberry cases (you can get these for any model of Blackberry): £65.00

    1.  Single Wrap by Carla Gauci: £60.00 (each colour is a single wrap)
    2. Princess Opera glasses: £175.00
    3. Teddy Bear Charm keyring: £40.00

    All are available for

    Remember in the other guide when I said I preferred giving an actual present and not something practical..well' theyve managed to mix the kind of everyday product I use with the kind of everyday sparkle that I love.  Look how gorgeous these pens are..
    1. Diamante Pen embellished with Swarovski elements: £60.00
    2. Diamante Pen embellished with Swarovski elements: £60.00
    3. Diamante Pen embellished with Swarovski elements: £60.00
    4. Princess Pen Graduated Pink: £65.00
    5. Diamante Pen embellished with Swarovski elements: £60.00
    6. Heart Princess Pen: £62.50

    And for those that want to give something a bit sleeker or something for a Shakespeare in the making...
    1.  Pewter Feather Quill and Ink set: £17.99 (I LOVE this..being the wannabe word smith that I am, I can imagine me penning letters by candle-light, and thus, bringing together two of my loves..I know it won't happen but a girl can dream!)
    2. Brink Ball pen with USB stick: £36.90
    3. Laban Swarovski Crystal Sterling Ballpen: £98.49
    4. Laban Small Resin Ballpoint pen: £27.49
    You can buy the pens from Not Your Average Pen.  They have a huuuuuuuuuuge range of all different sorts of pens.

    The last day to order to ensure your items turn up in time is tomorrow so hurry hurry!


      1. i want a feather quil and inkset lol coz a gal like me totally needs it :P

      2. That feather quill and ink set is so cooool but i'd neer really use it. Although I could store it with my calligraphy books and they can catch dust together.

      3. Btw I did a double take at the end of this post, thought the store was called "Not your average peen"


      4. Amina: Ha, me too! You know what works of literary genius we have on our blogs!

        Tass: If you EVER, EVER find a website with that name, you drop everything and let me know!

      5. I want those opera glasses - They look so Ab Fab!

      6. Skin Scrubs: They are brilliant! I have the crystal featured above and it's gorgeous.


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