Monday, 4 April 2011

EOTD: Work safe, summer friendly, winged eyeliner.

I'd been looking online for ways to make your makeup more spring-y and I was left a bit disappointed as most of the "tutorials" I came across were full of stock images and didn't show HOW to do it.  Seriously, what's the point?! If you're going to call it a tutorial, TEACH the gyaldem.

Anyway, the main things I wanted to do were used liner that wasn't black and cut down on eyeshadow usage.
Products used: Gosh eyeliner, 17 Maximum Volume mascara, MUA black eyeshadow on waterline.

Blue was either so dark it looked black or so bright I'd have to go work in the 80's and brown didn't show so I decided to try my GOSH liner and I am glad I did.

In honour of me being able to successfully wear this to work, I've named it "corporate purple".  It has a shine which is welcomed by me but not a sparkle that makes it look out of place at work.

However, this product is not really noob friendly.  The brush sometimes pulls the eyeliner out in a gloopy manner so you have to wipe and then use it.  If you're still getting used to getting your liner close to the lash line then be careful with this as it has a habit of going on the lashes and then not budging..making you take all your other makeup off and start from scratch.

I use it by dragging the tip across my lash line and thus getting a thin line.  This is better than laying it on its side as by doing that, you run the risk of getting liner in the lashes which is a serious case of the donotwants.  I smudged it a bit towards the outer edge of the eye but you can't see it when you open your eyes and as I tend to spend most of the day with my eyes open, it's no biggie.  I took this photograph at half nine (in the evening) and I'd had this on since half six in the morning and I'm one of those annoying people who touches her eyes all the time.  It removes easily with most cream based makeup removers.

You'll also notice that it's a thick liner but not a typical cat's eye.  This is because I look like a twat wearing a cat's eye to work and it also looks distorted behind glasses.

PS, for those who want on the arm swatches..


  1. I can't work well with those type of liner brushes which is a shame because I wanted to try this one out, especially since it doesn't budge!

  2. Gorgeousssssss! Your eye looks so pretty! This purple is perfect for your skintone, it sits really well <3

  3. lovely colour, i have been rocking the no eyeliner look for the past week, aaahhh i no ryt! me with no eyeliner!!

  4. I think the color is pretty.:D Thanks for the swatches.:D

    ***** Marie *****

  5. Tass: Trust me, if I managed it, you will get it too! The brush is quite thin but after a few goes, you get it. The first time I wore it, I had half the liner in my lashes, it wasn't a good look and as I was in a rush, I didn't have time to take it off. FAIL.

  6. Sana: Thanks!

    Amina: WHAT?! Are you feeling OK?! I can't imagine you without eyeliner. Maybe we're switching roles, you're the minimal makeup and I can't stop with my eyeliner?

    Maria: No problem!

  7. love the colour!

    Danniella @

  8. 2 mates and a blog: Thanks. It's really nice. They have a massive range of colours so you always find something that's right for you. I think they have about four different purples.


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