Sunday, 17 April 2011

Urban Decay Afterglow Glide-On Cheek Tint in Fetish

Remember when I had my love in with cream blushers?  It all came to a head when this baby came into my life.

If I recall correctly, it was so pretty that I daren't use it for fear of spoiling a perfect looking product.  It's alright though, I satiated my cream blusher lust (try saying that quickly) with a NYX cream blusher until I was brave enough to pull this out of storage.
This is the perfect cream blusher for you if you're scared of using too much and looking like a fool.  That is something I have an issue with so I was glad that this came to my aid.

The colour is very subtle but I feel that's what you'd want from something that is a cheek tint.  There's also a glow about this when you apply it, your cheeks look like you've put a highlighter on over the tint.  The visible chunks of glitter in the pan aren't noticeable at all one you've buffed the colour in.  The colour lasts all day and gives the perfect flush of colour.

It also features a very useful mirror in the lid which I forgot to photograph..

Anyway, the swatches!
I've blended it in a bit too well here but that's how I tend to wear it on my cheeks and it perks them right up.  You can obviously blend it in less.

They cost £18 and are available from House of Fraser.


  1. I must check this out - it looks perfect for those hurried mornings!

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