Saturday, 30 April 2011

The Body Shop introduces Body Butter Duos

Hitting their shelves towards the end of May, the new Body Butter Duos from The Body Shop are a product that I can fully get on board with.  I'm always telling anyone who will listen (or is forced to listen because they've unfortunately got ears) that a 2 in 1 body moisturiser is jus what I need as I find myself buying far too many moisturisers for different parts of my body.

The Body Shop's Body Butter Duos are exactly what I wanted.  One tub, two compartments.  One side for normal skin and the other for drier parts of the body.

The duos come in four different variants and are full of lovely Community Fair Trade ingredients.
  • Floral Acai: for dry skin
  • Macadamia: for dry skin
  • Sweet Pea: for dry skin
  • Vanilla: for normal and dry skin
I like the fact they've labelled which side is which on the lid so that you know.  I just hope that when you screw the lid down, it all matches up.

They come at the standard body butter price of £12.50 and are available at the end of May.

What do you think?  Worth it?  Too expensive?  Pointless?


  1. They are a cool idea for people with normal skin with a few dry bits :).

    No good for me coz im so dry im like space food. ;) haha.


  2. I think that's such a cool idea! But I don't like the sound of any scents :/

  3. I love the concept!

    I have oily skin!
    but i love their body butters for my legs during winters

    I wish they come up with a similar concept for lip balms too.

    Probably lip balm on one side and lip butter in the other.


  4. They sound great.

    A normal & dry one would be really useful for elbows and knees which need more moisture than everywhere else.

    Dee x

  5. Cool concept, it would be really useful x

  6. Georgia: Lol @ drier than space food. I've got a sample of this and I have dry skin so I'll be reviewing it in due time..

  7. Lillian Funny Face: I find their scents quite odd, I thought I'd love the passionfruit body butter but the scent was quite bitter so you never know, this range might surprise you!

  8. Vinita Jayant: That lip balm idea sounds fantastic, they really should! That'd be another thing I'd love because I'm always carrying around a million lipbalms with me.

  9. Face Fixers: That's what they suggest. You could also use the part for dry skin as an intensive treatment I suppose. I've got a sneaky feeling that one side might finish before the other though but you could always fill it up with another moisturiser.

  10. Makeup Monologue: I hope so! I take too many lotions and potions to the shower as it is. Now all they need to make is a decent exfoliator and body wash in one and I'm down to two products!

  11. Ohmigod! So cute! I want Sweet Pea NOW!


  12. These are so perfect! I already love the original Body Shop body butters and these look amazing

    LOVE IT! Yes to Carrots body butter is pretty darn fantastic too :)

  13. Cynthia: OMG, I LOVE the smell of sweat pea! I have a highlighter/shimmer which smells like sweet pea and it is gorgeous. Very nice and sparkly and perfect for all Indian functions.

    Charisse: Ooh, thanks for the suggestion, I'm always on the look out for new body moisturisers that I can use..

  14. Interesting concept, they'd be great for travelling. I'm very tempted to get a sweet pea one for the summer as I love the scent x

  15. Really cool idea and the packaging looks more cute that way lol :) Kudos to TBS! x

  16. Fei: I also think they'd be good for intensive treatments on the hands and feet, slather it on and wrap your feet up and you're done. They'd last ages like that.

    Stravroula: I liked that that too, the way it wasn't just cut in half down the middle. I can't wait to see what they're like.

  17. The Dollymix Diaries: I'll be posting a review up on one in the near future so look out for it!

  18. Wow, this does seem like a really good idea! Definitely looking forward to these! xo

  19. Halima: Same here! I hope they work and don't run out too quickly because I get through the usual body butters way too quickly.

  20. Wow, these look amazing, I love the idea of the sweetpea one, I love those flowers they remind me of my nans garden. xxx

  21. Becca: Don't you think sweetpea smells really..sweet? I can't think of another word but I do have a sweetpea shimmer and that smells gorgeous.

  22. Hi!

    just letting u knw if the lid doesnt match u can tell the consistency of the two

    body butter is much thicker =)


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