Monday, 25 April 2011

Spending Sterling v Preserving Pounds: ELF Studio Makeup Mist and Set v Sheer Cover Refreshing Face Mist

The first items to feature are items any Tube traveller needs for the three minutes that we get a decent amount of heat in London.

In the red corner we have ELF's Studio Makeup Mist and Set.  In the blue corner we have Sheer Cover's Refreshing Face Mist.
One (ELF) is described as being a mist which sets your makeup whereas the other (Sheer Cover) is a simple refreshing face mist.  However, upon reading the description of both, it's clear you can use both of them for both purposes.

Spending Sterling: Sheer Cover Refreshing Face Mist (£12.95)
The packaging doesn't cause me any real problems, I've carried it around in my bag and the lid has never gotten lost.  I quite like the fact that you can see the product and thus tell how much I have left.

Where I do have a problem is with the nozzle.  You can't really tell in the photo because I couldn't get it to rest on the side but the head tilts downwards.  When I hold it in the middle of my face, it sprays my forehead, misses my nose and chin and gets the chest.  This is due to the nozzle head being tilted.  This is also annoying if, like me, you wear a shirt/blouse to work as you will look sloppy.

The smell is pleasant but vanishes quickly.  However, you do notice it so it's not wasted.

My main issue with this is that it isn't really refreshing enough.  I spray it on and ten minutes later, I find myself needing to use it again which means it will run out very quickly.  Having said that, if you use it solely to set your makeup, it's right up your street as it sinks in super quick so you're not left hanging about with a wet face.

Preserving Pounds: ELF Studio Makeup Mist and Set (£3.50)
My only concern with the packaging here is that I can't readily see how much product I have left which is something I'd like.  However, the whole Studio range from ELF is housed in black so it makes sense to keep in with the theme.

The nozzle is brilliant, one spray coats your whole face and it really does refresh you.  You don't get any in your hair or all over your clothes.  Having said that, you get a fair bit from each spray and it can take a while to sink in.  ELF do say that if you've put too much on, you can remove it with a tissue but you don't want to do that if you use it to set your makeup..which is what the product is marketed as.  I find myself having to wipe my face a bit after using it as it can leave me looking greasy.

The plus side of this product is something I didn't expect.  When I spray it on and remove it with a cotton wool pad, it really takes all the muck off my skin.  Moreso than a lot of toners do so it's a multi talented product.

The problem with this is the smell you get when you spray it.  It smells like a mixture of cheese and farts.  The smell fades within a few seconds (as soon as you've sprayed it practically) but you can smell it.  If they added a bit of fragrance to this, I'd love it.

Spend or Preserve?
In this battle, preservation of poundage won.

It's quite odd really as the Sheer Cover works better as a makeup setter and the ELF mist works better at refreshing the skin.  The offputting smell of cheese farts from the ELF mist thankfully lasts only one second.  The nozzle lets product out equally so that one spray gets your whole face without missing spots out so that the product lasts longer.  The only way it could be improved would be to change the colour of the bottle and add some fragrance.  The pointed nozzle which Sheer Cover have going on is really more suited to an oilier/creamier product as with a watery liquid, it forces the product down. 


  1. hmm think ur discription of the elf 1 has put me right off with the cheesy farts loooll

  2. LOL! I love how you described the Elf smell as cheese and farts.. I was considerably more pleasant than you in my review lol!


  3. Amina and Esteem: Trust me girls, it really smells, I'm just glad it only lasts a second or two but even that is too long for such a rank smell. It works as a really good toner and refresher though so I'm going to buy it again just to remove the grime!


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