Sunday, 13 March 2011

The Swatch Files: GOSH Extreme Art Waterproof Liner shade 01

I came across this when I was looking for the infamous Holographic polish but as this store had none, I decided to buy a liquid liner instead.  I have this "thing" where if I go out looking for something specific and don't find it, I have to buy something else.  This time it was a GOSH liquid eyeliner.  There was a time when a liquid liner would be the last thing I'd buy but as I'm improving, I'm learning to use colours other than black. 

I find it odd how 01 is not black as something in my mind assumes that black would be 01 and then the less conservative colours would be 02, 03 etc..seems like they're being revolutionaries..much like Walkers and their blue Cheese and Onion packets.

I thought this would work as a nice brown-y, copper-y colour but as the swatches's a lot more purple-y which is OK with me..purple brings out brown eyes.  It's a really unique colour, a mishmash of purple and brown..and them some copper.

Longevity wise, these last an age.  They're called semi-permanent and they really are!  My eyes watered, I touched my lids and they stayed in place.  I have a sneaky feeling that Superdrug might be discontinuing these so I'm going to try and track down a black, dark green and a blue just in case!

If you like the look of these, run to Superdrug as they're all currently on half price..


  1. I have a few of these and they rival the MAC ones (argh can't remember the name of them), in terms of longevity.

  2. Wow they sound amazing! The colour is beautiful :)

  3. I needs to get me one of these!

    I'm terrible with liquid eyeliner but if the longevity is as good as it sounds I want it. I'll keep it in my bag for touch ups coz I can't really be pulling out my gel eyeliner and brush in public.

  4. So would you say that these are good for weddings where there will be lots of crying and general blubbing?

  5. Love the colour of that liner, looks like a good brand!

  6. I love these liners! I have to pick more up...waiting for a sale though! lol

  7. VexintheCity: Oooh, MAC on a budget? Score!

    Lillian: They've really gone to town on their colours, they have about three variations of each colour.

    Tass: I never thought to use it like that! My gel liner stays once I put it on and yours looked immaculate when I saw you, of course!

    Skin Scrubs: Yes! They absolutely last and last.

    Stylefrost: It really is, I like the pigmentation all across the range.

    Emily: They were on offer when I posted the post but they're also worth it when they're on 3 for 2!

    Stavroula: It's a really unique colour!


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