Tuesday, 29 March 2011

DO NOT BUY: Prestige Kabuki Bronzer Brush

This was a total impulse buy.  I had a list of things to look for..all of which I forgot.  I forgot (yet again) to check out the Topshop makeup range, didn't get to look at any brown eyeliner pencils, the 17 lipsticks I had my eye one and the Lancome counter didn't even register (I was looking for their liquid liner).

This was on offer for £3 something.  It looked the perfect size for bronzing and thus it was bought.

The hairs on this brush are super rough and scratchy.  Rougher than any brush for makeup application should be.  The blurb says that it is made from the finest hair.  I say if this is finest hair, what's the worst hair like?  The photo shows you how the hairs are all odd lengths and the domed part isn't even cut properly.  How this passed quality control is beyond me..

Steer clear of this if you see it on sale anyway because you will be sorry if you pick it up.  I thought this might be a bad one but even the one on display was as rough as this.  The quest for a bronzer brush continues!


  1. There is nothing worse in a a brush than scratchy bristles or mass shedding. I am sorry this didnt work out for you BUT I am glad that you warned us!

  2. I hate trying to get a bronzer brush. Most of them are so scratchy and leave a million hairs on your face! Just what you need when your rushing out the door! At least I know not to try this one!

  3. Make Me Beautiful: No problems, I've returned it (after only stroking the hairs) so I'm still looking for a new one.

    Smaryam: No probs!

    Sunshine Rose: I hate that too and when you use your fingers, the product smudged and looks patchy. I'm testing more out!

    Cydonian: Trust me, stay away!

  4. I just bought two Prestige bronzers and I love the first one I tried so much I haven't gotten around to using the second one. But anyway, I was hoping to find this brush to go with them and now I'm relieved that I found your review instead!

  5. Oooo one other thing, there is one time that a somewhat scratchy brush comes in handy, on those occasions that you get a baked blush/bronzer that's hard as a rock, the only thing that will pick it up is a rough brush. It's kind of a balancing act though, you want it rough enough to pick up product without roughing up your face too much. lol


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