Wednesday, 13 October 2010

EOTD: I got love for you if you were born in the 80's..

I've always read that blue eyeshadow belongs in the 80's and that you have to work very hard with pink eyeshadow to ensure that you don't look like you've been crying or have conjunctivitis.

I was convinced that this wouldn't happen to me when I tried this look.  I wanted to see if I could make pink and blue eyeshadow work with my minimal skills and on my skintone..and I think I did OK.

This duo is my blogger profile pic.  It was one of the first pics I ever took when I was learning how to use my camera and figure out depth of field.  My mum had it way before I was born (1984) and I'm both pleased and a bit shocked that it still works now, more than 26 years on.  The colours are smooth and not at all chalky.

I used to love the Stila shimmer as a highlight back when I was uneducated on what a proper highlight should do, now I can't think why I ever loved it.  It's chalky and a nightmare to blend.
Now that I think I've understood how to blend, I'm going to start being more adventurous and start using more than two colours.

I've also learnt that because my eyelids are semi hooded, I don't need to take the crease colour onto the lid, I just blend it along the crease and it works best that way. As this look took a bit more "prep" that the others I've recently done, I'll tell you how I did it.

  • Get a MAC 239 brush and cover the brush in the pink eyeshadow.  My brush looked like the hairs were pink, not white.
  • Take the Stila highlight and apply it under the arch of your brow and blend with fingers or a brush.
  • Pad the pink colour all over the lid but concentrate colour towards the inner corner and middle lid.
  • Blend it out with a standard blender.
  • Get a crease brush (Models Own works best for my lids) and apply the blue in the crease and towards the inner eye.
  • Carry on blending that in until there are no harsh lines.
  • Clean the standard blender brush on a tissue and then blend the outer corner shades together so the blue is mixed with the pink and gives you a purpley colour.
  • Take another contour brush (I find Revlon's one works well for this) and dab it into the highlighter.  Dab this on the inner corner of your eye and blend upwards and around your eye shape with your finger.
  • Take a pencil brush and move the colour around under your lower lashline.
  • Apply a black eyeliner pencil to the lower waterline.
  • Apply mascara.
  • DONE!


  1. GORGEOUS!!! All sorts of lovely in fact! YOu rock bright colours!

  2. Looks pretty! But is it healthy for eyes to be using such old products?! They usually go off after 18/24 months! Be careful love xx

  3. u are very right, there is no need to bring the crease colour onto the lid, by keeping off the lid opens up the eyes too, lovely combo, u did a gud job on it :D


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