Thursday, 10 March 2011

Review: The Sanctuary Brightening Facial Radiance Exfoliator

It's no secret that I love the body exfolatiors from The Sanctuary.  For some reason, their facial skincare never really jumped out at me.  The only reason I bought this was because I had a £5 off voucher and I'd be damned if I wasted it. 

The Sanctuary say "ultra-fine apricot granules and grape seed exfoliate and refine, while a trio of pumpkin, pineapple and papaya extracts work naturally to help increase cell renewal. Skin is left feeling smooth and glowing with radiance."

What do I think?
The granules are anything but fine.  The suggested usage for this is every 2-3 days.  My skin is combination and I can only use this once a week.  Even then, I have to be careful with it because I will end up with a red face...and you know how hard it is for Indians to go red.

The smoothness and radiance I get from this is immediate.  My skin feels like a peach.  No other exfoliator has given me instant radiance like this does.  As soon as I've washed my face, I can see it looking a lot smoother and brighter. You know sometimes you use a scrub and it gives you fantatic skin and then a few hours later you've greased up because it's removed too much of your natural oils? This doesn't do that.  It may feel harsh but it manages to make my skin radiate and not strip the oils away.

Consistency wise, it's sticky to the touch.  The directions say to use it on a damp face which does aid in the spreading process.  

The citrus-y smell of the scrub is due to the fact that it contains citrus oil.  I thought that as they big up pineapples and pumpkin in the blurb, it'd smell more of those.

You can't see it from this photograph but it seems to contain little clear bubbles..they look like oxygen bubbles but I'm not sure what they are? I don't know if they burst as you smooth the scrub on..

I do quite like this.  You also don't need to use much to get the results.  The instructions suggest a pea sized amount but I find a grape sized amount is better.  For the record, it felt just as harsh when I used a pea sized amount so it's not like I'm tripping myself up by using more than I need.

I would buy this again but only if I had the £5 off voucher.  I feel a bit of a twat saying that but then who would shell out the full price when Boots always have their vouchers flying around?  Taking into account that it gives me brilliant radiance and doesn't make me grease up, I will definitely be picking up a replacement.  If you fancy it, you can pick it up from here for £10.20..or £5.20 with the £5 off voucher!


  1. This scrubs great! What I also do is use it as a mask, so leave it in for like 5mins then scrub off, it makes your skin look even clearer. It's really good!

  2. I quite like Sanctuary face products, I've tried a few now and it's all good. I'm obsessed with the body salt scrub though :-)

  3. I have this and have repurchased every time it has finished, definitely the best exfoliator especially good at clearing up any pigmentation or scars on your face!

  4. Shameera: Oh, I might try that, thanks!

    Lucy: I LOVE their body salt scrub, it's so good! You should try their warming scrubs too, they're brilliant.

    Gloria: I find I can't use it as often as I'd like but it does really brighten up the skin when I do use it.


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