Monday, 14 March 2011

Review: Tara Smith Straight Away Shampoo and Conditioner

Made in the UK out of natural and organic ingredients, sulfate free and vegan approved with shampoos and conditioners costing £3.75, Tara Smith's new haircare line promises not only to be earth friendly, but also purse friendly.  With varying sizes of shampoos and conditioners, it's perfect for those who want to try SLS free shampoos on a budget.  The entire range is also formulated to be safe for those who have had a Keratin treatment and those who want a natural anti fade haircare products.
The range is free of:

The Straight Away Shampoo and Conditioner are probably the first time I've ever truly been happy using a shampoo and conditioner for the same hair "ailment" from the same brand.

The shampoo is more liquid than my usual shampoos and has the trademark PVA glue-like SLS free feeling to it when I first applied it.  Upon massaging it foams! An SLS free shampoo that foams!  The foam is thick but non clingy.  Once I got over the shock of Foamgate and washed it out, I was surprised  to see that it had left my hair feeling smoother than my SLS loaded shampoos do.

The conditioner splodges out of the bottle in a manner akin to sourcing the last dregs of ketchup from the bottle.  Don't try to take the lid off as it is impossible, I tried and it just wouldn't turn.  It was slightly easier to wash out and didn't cling to the hair as much as SLS conditioners do. 

The smell reminds me of fragrances that toe the fine line between bleach and high end perfume..the shampoo smells exactly like the Bvlgari handcream you used to get on British Airways back in the day before they went all la di da and got those Anya Hindmach dealies in. 

Here are the results after I ran my GHD's over my bonce.  I'm quite impressed by how smooth it both felt and looked.

If you're looking to choose between this SLS free range and the one by The Body Shop, I'd suggest this one as it worked better..and you can buy a trial size.  All the shampoos and conditioners in the range come in two sizes so you can try a smaller size before committing to the bigger size.  The smaller sizes (100ml) cost £3.75 and the larger sizes (250ml) are £6.50.  You can pick them up from here.


  1. OMG. Your hair looks soft and super glossy! Ahhh. Can't believe how cheap it is as well, considering it is SLS free.

    I think I need this. xox

  2. The shampoo sounds really good. I'm always on the lookout for a good SLS free shampoo so might give this a go once I finish my current one x

  3. DesignerSpray: Thanks..and that's from super curl. It's a really good SLS free shampoo as it doesn't dry my hair out at all.

    Peonies and lilies: You should!


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