Monday, 7 March 2011

A right peachy pear: Fruit Works Peach and Pear Shower Gel and Body Butter

It's no secret that I appreciate a fine smelling bathing condiment...Can you call them condiments? Would water be the meal? The consistent? I'd say so..

I've run the gamut with fruity smelling shower gels..from lemon meringue to capsicum and dragon fruit.  In all this time, I've never found a decent smelling peach-y one.

Enter the Fruit Works Peach and Pear shower gel.  I spent ages smelling it and trying to figure out whether it was more peach-y or pear-y and I came to the conclusion that it's an exact mixture of peach and pear but with an extra kick of pear at the end.

I've showered with it non stop since I got it and can only say this about the scent..when you apply it to your body, you smell peaches but when you wash it off, the pear scent comes out.  If you pour it on your hand and have a smell, it smells like beer.  Rest assured though, you don't smell like a lush once you step out of the shower.

It behaves well as a shower gel, I find that some dry my skin out really badly but this doesn't.  It doesn't really foam up so maybe that's why? It doesn't have a lot of harsh detergent in it?

I was using it in conjunction with the body butter of the same scent which helps smell reinforcement.  This is something that I need as my body seems to reject the smells so you can't even tell I've had a shower.

The body butter takes longer than I'd like for it to sink in but on the plus side, it makes your skin feel really nice and smooth.  I don't think I've had a body butter or moisturiser ever leave my skin feeling this smooth instantaneously.

If you use it on your legs after you've waxed or shaved, your legs will feel like satin.  My legs get dry really quickly when I don't wear tights and they get that horrible white scaley thing going on.  You know what I mean..that white cast.  This has gone a fair way in keeping my legs well moisturised.

The smell fades quickly and isn't overpowering once the butter has sunk in.  When I was using this religiously, I'd go without perfume as it acts well as a smell maker. 

Both items are extremely budget friendly with the shower gel coming in at £2.50 and the body butter is £3.00.  There is also a scrub for the range which is also £2.50.  You can see the rest of the scents available here.


  1. Mmm the scent sounds gorgeous! I love fruity smells.

  2. Sounds yummy! I only wish that we got this in Canada:$


  3. I'm sure I've seen this in TK Maxx must go back to check....


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