Tuesday, 8 March 2011

DO NOT BUY: The Body Shop Facial Brush

Considering the fact that I was the first blogger to sing the praises of this brush, writing this post was something I didn't think I'd be doing..

My previous post was about the old facial brush made by The Body Shop.  This post is about the new one. 

Why would I suggest not buying the new one?
It is super scratchy and very rough.  I don't have sensitve skin in the slightest but it feels very abrasive on me when I use it with a light hand.  It literally scratches my skin and leaves it feeling painful and very red.. and you know how hard it is for a brown person to go red!

The bristles on the new one splayed a lot quicker than the older one.  As you can see, the older one still has the bristles in pretty much the same direction.  The newer one didn't hold up as well.  I'm also convinced that each "hole" on the new brush has less hairs in compared to the older one.

The Body Shop have decreased the price of this brush (the old one was £5 and this one is £3).  I initially thought the decrease was because they were using less plastic but it's clear now that they must have used a harsher hair for the brush part.  I don't like the fact that it doesn't have a long handle but the short handle isn't as hard to use as I thought it would be.  If they had just made the handle shorter and kept the bristles the same as before, I'd be recommending this brush until the cows came home.

Luckily for me, I still have the older one.  I use it for removing my face masks so it has seen better days (hence the reason for buying the new one).  I'm going to try and give it some mouth to brush action to see if I can get it working properly again.

In the mean time, if you're tempted to buy the new one from The Body Shop..DON'T.  I say new one..you can't buy the long handled one from them anymore so if you're intending on buying the facial brush from The Body Shop..DON'T!!


  1. Thank you for your honesty and for the warning!!

    I recently got a Clarisonic mia and I am enjoying that for the moment.

  2. Oh dear! I bought the new one after hearing several people wax lyrical about it and I can't really say I've fallen in love with it. This must be why! Oh well...perhaps I shall try the Boots one next (even if it is more expensive) such a shame that they had to go meddle with it! If it isn't broken...

  3. I was in The Body Shop this weekend & nearly picked up this brush. Lucky I didnt :)

  4. thank you for the warning!!!
    i m follower :)

  5. I'm currently looking for a good face brush after seeing all the rave on the blogosphere, so thanks a lot for this! x

  6. oh no - and i was gonna try it for my dry cheeks :(

  7. Thanks for the warning! So weird that they're the same thing but different.
    I like the facial buffer


  8. Wow - I'm glad I saw this. I was in the Body Shop the other day and I saw these little round brushes, and remembering your TBS facial bush recommendations in previous posts, I popped one into my basket. I didn't buy it in the end, and now I'm glad I thought better of it. Thanks for this.

  9. Does this mean you haven't found a good replacement? I would like to get a brush but now I don't know where to look! lol

  10. Old Cow: Honesty is what I'm all about!

    Dani: Exactly! I'm going to find more to review on here.

    Henessy: Good going!

    Hungover on Fashion: No problem, thanks!

    GABY: No problem!

    Smaira: It is super rough and I'm sure it will do more damage than good, you should try a facial peel. I'm going to do a post on peels very soon.

    Cynthia: I am yet to try that.

    Sarah: I'm quite let down that they've decided to change it as it was so good before.

    Donna: No, not yet. I am going to pick up the Muji one but haven't been to a branch to pick one up yet. I'll review it on here in due time so keep an eye out for it.

  11. I have to disagree with this recommendation. I have found the new Body Shop facial brush to be excellent for washing my face. It has just the right exfoliation effect for me, and I love the compact size that can easily be taken traveling. My 2c.

  12. Can't believe it, was gonna purchase one, so thanks for the heads up and now I'll try and find a better one elsewhere!

  13. oh dear, I was going to buy one of these but thanks for the heads up, I'll look elsewhere for a better one, hopefully!


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