Thursday, 3 March 2011

NOTD: LA Colors Tropical Breeze aka my Jo'Mina dupe..

I was in Beauty Base in Westfields (ages ago now) and my glamourous assistant Simon was getting pissed off because I couldn't decide which polishes I wanted.  It wasn't MY fault they didn't have the nice pistachio green I was looking for..

I came away clutching another LA Colors polish, this time the object of affection was Tropical Breeze.  A lovely purple number..

I was a bit saddened that one coat was SUPER thin (as you can see in the photo) but it built up nicely when I was on three coats.  It was not at all streaky although the brush does pick up a fair bit of polish so you have to get rid of the excess.

I find that LA Colors polishes behave differently depending on whether the colour is light or dark.  My darker ones (Wired, Jungle Fever and Circuits) don't apply as thin as this so one coat gives you the colour you see in the bottle.  That's not a problem them and for the grand sum of £1, I'm more than impressed with them..

I didn't even THINK this could be a dupe for Jo'Mina when I picked it was just the nicest light colour they had.  I wore it for a week or so and the ladies at an Illamasqua concession were quite surprised when I told them it wasn't the infamous Jo'Mina..

Anyone else tried any LA Colors nail polishes?  Does this look like a dupe or is it way off? 


  1. Wow the colour is basically exactly the same as Jo'mina, but the formula looks a bit rubbish, so thin! Jo'mina is much more opaque.

  2. Such a pretty colour!! I love it. Also how amazing are your nails looking?! xx

  3. You know I love my Jo'Mina! This is a good dupe though, I think Jo'Mina might be slightly cooler toned though...?

  4. Looks pretty but i sooo begrudge having to apply 3 coats. Those polishes usually end up at the bottom of my collection...even if i do really like the colour! xx

  5. Such a nice shade. I've never tried LA Colors but I do prefer even with one swipe that the colour isn't as opaque but sometimes when the colour is divine I learn to sometimes love them lol

  6. Just stumbled here.... I like the look of your blog... its very clean and reader friendly :)

  7. LA Colors polishes are some of my favorites, for the most part I've got the opaque ones though. I have a yellow and a tangerine in my stash that I haven't tried since they do look like they may be sheer. Once I polish with one of them, it wears like iron, no chips at all, and looks great until I am ready to remove it.


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