Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Oily T Zone? Mix your mud masks and get perfect skin!

It's no secret that I love a good mask.  Being "blessed" with combination skin means I can use one more often than those with normal skin.  In this vein of mask love, I picked up The Sanctuary's 5 Minute Thermal Detox Mask with another of my £5 off vouchers.  On my first use, I wasn't really impressed with it.

One thick coat and an hour later, it hadn't dried at all.  A thinner coat gave the same result.  The "thermal" heat is activated by water so you have to apply it to wet skin and even then, the heat is gone by the time you've finished applying it to your nose.  It feels like someone has blasted your skin for a second with a hair dryer on the cool setting.  However, it doesn't have the usual "raw mud" smell, it smells like teabags.

Ater using it, I checked the pores on the side of my nose and was super chuffed to see that they were clear.  Pardon the TMI here but my pores have expanded recently and I can see them full of a white substance that just won't budge.  Nothing else I have used has cleared these pores out.  However, it wasn't as good on my forehead as my Origins Clear Improvement mask.

I would never have thought to use two mud masks at the same time until I read the tips on the back of the 5 Minute Thermal Detox Mask box.  The tips stated that if you have combination skin, you should use a mask for oily skin on the T Zone and a mask for normal skin on the cheeks and chin so that all your skin concerns are addressed at once.  So I got thinking..why not use the Origins mask on my forehead and the Sanctuary one on my nose?

Since I've started doing that, my skin has not looked better.  My nose pores are behaving themselves after their once a week clearout and my forehead doesn't grease as it used to.

The main difference between both masks is that the Origins one dries very well on the skin whereas the Sanctuary one doesn't dry at all.  Both are easy to remove, the Origins one flakes off with ease whereas the Sanctuary one can be removed with a wet hand.  There's another difference..if you want a mask to just clear the oil but leave you moisturised, choose the Origins mask..if you want your pores to be sucked clean, choose the mask by The Sanctuary.  The Sanctuary one clears my pores and keeps my nose from greasing up.  If you need help with both issues, buy both!

If you have clogged pores that you struggle to clear then I'd seriously suggest buying this as my pores were terrible but it's worked a right charm.

Moral of this story? 
Mud/charcoal masks, like human beings, were not created equal.  One may be good at one thing, another good at something else.  And don't be scared to experiment with your facial skincare!

The Sanctuary's mask comes in at £10.20 and the Origins mask is £17.36.  You can pick them both up from Boots.


  1. I picked up the Sanctuary mask with my £5.00 voucher too and was also quite surprised with the results. Also grabbed the hot cloth cleanser which is also good stuff!

    Love the blog! x

  2. What a brilliant suggestion!! Ill have to give that a go!!

  3. Nat: I really like them both and thanks :)

    Reenie: I wouldn't have done it so I'm just passing on the knowledge!


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