Friday, 18 March 2011

EOTD: Homage to Johnny Allen

The EOTD without direction.  I usually do these either for work or for some out of work, desi thing.  This one was created simply because I felt like using purple.

I used my standard Models Own brush for the lid and then the ELF brush that I raved about for the crease work.

I used only two colours but see how the ELF brush deposits the perfect amount of colour in the perfect place so you can just blend it out and make it look like you've used more?

The fuzzy bits you see by the inner corner of my eye are where the primer ventured a bit too far on my lid.  If I had been paying proper attention and not trying to catch the end of Khloe and Kourtney Take Miami, this wouldn't have happened.

I never really believed the whole "certain colours make your eyes stand out" theory but as I've been doing more and more practice eyes, I realise it is actually true.  Maybe that's the can't see it properly in every day life but in photographs you can really tell the difference.  Ignoring the over saturated photo on the right, the ones on the left show that pruple works well with brown eyes.

PS.. re. the title, have a look here for your answer.


  1. Wow you really have become FANTASTIC at blending! :D

  2. I love this colour on you! What type of eyeshadow did you use?

  3. ahaha jus clicked the link

    lovely work - heart anything purple!

  4. This looks amazing! That purple really really does make your eyes 'pop'

  5. Well this totally makes your eyes stand out!

    And as for your taste in television rock!

  6. Ki: Thanks! It is all due to that ELF brush, it really is good.

    Domzy: I totally forogt to add a photo of what I used, I used the purples from the Sleek original palette.

    Amina: Thanks! I'm using purple more and more because it really works well for brown eyes.

    Lillian: Thanks, I didn't think it would but it really does.

    ClassyandFabulous: Thanks!

    Skin Scrubs: Why thank you!


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