Monday, 21 March 2011

Benefit's Prrrowl..

Whenever someone mentions the word prowl, it reminds me of  a scene from Phoenix Nights (scroll to 7.28).  The way Brian Potter says prow-ul just cracks me right up.

Benefit's Prrrowl, although not as quite a useful addition to my forever growing makeup arsenal.

The mascara topcoat adds a nice subtle touch to you eye makeup that leaves people trying to guess what you've done.  It works better than traditional glitter mascaras that I've used as I find that the glitter is more densely packed here and the consistency is pretty smooth.

I find that the gloss works better over naked lips.  There's no photo of how it looks on the lips because I couldn't capture it in a way that showed it in its true light.  It is pigmented and spreads very well.  The shimmer is also consistently applied as it doesn't clump in places.

The lipgloss side smells like a proper new car car lost that smell come the second week of January (boo!) but with a slight hint of peach.  It has blue shimmer in it..BLUE. SHIMMER.  That was more than enough to entertain my simple mind.  I like the way Benefit have used blue as that compliments the peach and seems to give the product something extra, something you can't find in every lipgloss out there.  The mascara side is nice too, I like the purple/turquoise glitter thing, using two colours really gives it something extra that most glitter mascaras don't have.

The swatches..
The gloss

Three coats on bare lashes.  This product is very hard to photograph up close but the effect is far more stunning when looked at from a distance.

If you're of the Asian persuasion and go to a lot of desi parties, shindigs, birthdays, weddings, pre-wedding parties, post wedding parties or just general desi get togethers then this will come in quite useful.  I've had to go to quite a few after work and this has been constantly in my handbag as it's easy to just whip it out and glamourise yourself with ease.  With this, I can keep my face on, spread some of the mascara topcoat over my liner and over my mascara.  Brilliant time saver!

I have been out and about trying to find a dupe for the gloss and I couldn't find one so if you can get away with wearing glittery gloss on a daily basis and you like this shade, pick it up because dupes are non existant.

I wouldn't have picked it out myself but now that I do have it, I'd recommend it if you can get away with wearing shimmery makeup. or if you need something quick to transform your makeup from day to night.  The mascara topcoat is fluid enough so you don't have some lashes coated in glitter whilst others remain bare and the lipgloss is pigmented enough to work on darker lips and the shimmer spreads well.

Prrrowl will set you back £19.50 if bought from their site (no link as it's currently not on there) or from their stores/concessions.  You can also pick it up from Boots, HoF and Debenhams (click the links to be take to the product).


  1. The mascara looks really nice, it would be fab for a glamorous night out x

  2. It is really nice, comparing it to others that I've used, it really adds a different dimension of sparkle.

  3. There is at least one Dior gloss which has a beautiful blue shimmer in it and looks gorgeous on. I can't remember the name, but you should check it out.

    Also I *think* some Givenchy glosses have it too. =)

  4. Nazia @MascaraMagic: I will check those out, thanks. I know that INGLOT also have AMC glosses which do that but their duo-chrome effect fades when you put it on your lips.

  5. The Inglot glosses are more holographic tbh and you're right, it does sort of vanish when applied to the skin. I have one and it's a lovely gloss but it doesn't have the same sort of effect on the lips.

    Blue shimmer, as weird as the idea sounds, adds a great dimension when you wear it.

    Anyway, great blog, I love the way you write - you've got another follower!


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