Wednesday, 2 February 2011

EOTD: Silver Fox? More like a purple rinse fox..

I wasn't sure the direction to take with this didn't feel summery/springy enough for pastel green and purple wasn't going to take centre stage again so that's how I ended up with this look.

I'm glad my boss wasn't at work because there's no way I would have been allowed this on if he was there but thems the perils of working in the buttoned up corporate world..

It was mean to be silver/grey on the lid with purple in the crease but I ran out of time due to having to straighten my hair so I kind of mixed the two together.  I still think it looks OK.
 It looks dodgy on closed eyes but I really like how it looks on opened eyes and I'm going to apply all my two toned/non crease looks like this..

It stayed on pretty well all day and as we were going to an Indian function after work, I had to conform to stereotype and bang out the old eyeliner..
The flick isn't the best in the world but it sufficed!

And here's what I used:
Overall, I'm quite happy with how brown the grey and purple mix makes my eyes look.  I know that individually they're colours that make brown eyes pop but I didn't think the effect would be so obvious when I tag-teamed them.  I'm also really impressed with the staying power of the Revlon shadows.  I had a primer on underneath but I thought the colours would fade during the day but they really didn't.

PS..a purple rinsed fox!


  1. Haha to the purple fox pic! Awesomeness.

    Great EOTD. The purple is such a lovely rich shade and perfect with your brown eyes - what did you use?

    The hippie academic in me balks at the idea of such a strict workwear code, it looks totally work-appropriate to me! x

  2. that's not even crazy vivid, it wouldn't be allowed at work? jeez....looks nice though


  3. how is that not appropriate for work?! Eeek, this is why I'd FAIL at an job like yours.. I'd want to break out the glitter 24/7


  4. The Postcolonial Rabbit: Thems the breaks at work I'm afraid, most of the time all I get to wear is two vey neutral shades.. I totally forgot to put the photo of the items I used but they were as follows:

    - UDPP as a primer.
    - A yellowy eyeshadow as a base (I used Urban Decay's Foxy).
    - Revlon's Silver Fox quad (I've got swatches of the entire quad, if you search for it on my blog, you can see them)..that's where the name comes from!
    - Revlon Grow Luscious mascara
    - Collection 2000 kohl eyeliner (pencil, but you can use any black one).
    - ACTIVE liquid liner (but again, you can use any).

  5. persephone: It's too colourful but I can forsake the bright eyes for the work..This is why most of my EOTD's are bright colours!

  6. I really like it!! Looks really easy to do and wearable for the day into night. Great job :) x

  7. It looks lovely, I really like those sort of lilac/purple shades and they seem to work well on brown eyes.

  8. Very pretty! That eyeliner looks so shiny, almost wet! The fox is delightful :D

  9. Sana: It is really really easy to do (hence me being able to do it, ha!)

    Meeta: Thanks, they really do!

    Lillian: Thank you, I love this liner as it has lasted me a good few years and it doesn't dry matte. Took me a while to find that fox you know ;)


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