Tuesday, 1 February 2011

There's gna be some changes around here!

Writing words like "gna" and "kinda" cause me a great deal of internal conflict as on one hand, I'm a complete grammar and spelling Nazi and on the other hand, I don't want to look like a goon using full on English words when they don't flow right.  Hence why I've let the inner rudegyal win and used the word "gna"..which isn't really a rudegyal word at all..

Anyway, this is a true to form rambly post where you don't get much by way of knowledge but you do get to see the inner workings of my genius (and, of course, modest) mind..

Re. the changes..they're nothing earth shattering and new..

The first is that I've finally pulled my finger out of my tokhes (word of the week by the way) and managed to get myself some contact lens.  I don't know why I do these things to myself..I've had lens on and off since I was 16 but this is the first time I've ordered them properly for a period of longer than three months.  I am wearing them at the moment and I keep doing that annoying "pushing your glasses up" thing, despite the glasses being off.  I suppose that will take a bit of time, naturally.

I'm not really sure how that connects in with the blog apart from the fact that I will be now be able to do EOTD's for people with porky eyes who DON'T wear glasses..

It will also mean that I can give face masks a more thorough testing as I won't be rushing to take them off so I can whack my glasses on and reintroduce the world to my eyes..

Number two is my resolutions..it feels odd using a singular word with a number higher than one..like I'm cheating on one with two..sorry one! Anyway, my two resolutions for this year were simple...

  1. Get the brows threaded every two weeks without fail.
  2. Make an effort every single day (i.e. WEAR the foundation instead of staring at it in the morning)
They're going well so far..I'm quite chuffed with myself because I've actually managed to pluck my brows so they're lasting longer.  The effort making is also going well, I've finally realised that wearing foundation without blusher is just asking for trouble because you look ill..blusher that mother on up!  Doing the latter also finally made Liz Earle's Cleanse and Polish work better for me.

There are also some blog related changes which I won't say too much about now but you will see them as they come about..

What else..I have a question about Sky +..does everyone who has it get the same programmes on their Anytime? I'm convinced they don't but Simon is convinced that they do..the only reason why I ask is because we have a mixture of ANTM, Cake Boss and tonnes of Premiership Years so they must know what we watch and put that on there..musn't they? 

Talking of Cake Boss, it is my aim for this year (along with learning crochet) to go to their bakery because their skills are amazing.  I watched the Christmas episode today and was amazed at how good their cakes looked..there is practically nowhere here that I know of that makes cakes like that around Christmas time.

I've also managed to successfully grow my nails..then the ring finger went and broke, boo!

But, I have a plan! I'm finally going to get around to sticking my Nailene ones on so that should cover the damage.

Talking of which, how could you forget that group, Damage?  I remember I was at school once in Maths (sums are my Kryptonite) and we were doing the usual mix of chatting shit and magazine reading whilst the teacher was out of the class..our teacher was an old cantankerous sod.  Anyway, he came back in and saw a poster of Damage on his desk and went flipmode..demanding to know who owned the post of Da-marge.  We nigh on pissed ourselves laughing at him which only made him angrier and angrier..he threw a chair through the window a few lessons later and it hit a guy in the Sixth Form and we never heard of him after that..

Anyway, if you muddled through until now, well done and I hope you see how much I scale back on my ramblings for the beauty orientated posts here..count.your.blessings!


  1. Oh my God the 'Da-Marge' thing actually made me laugh out loud! Good luck sticking to your resolutions, I am failing mine completely :P

  2. HAHA i lOVED damage...gwarn rude gal ;-) x


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