Sunday, 2 January 2011

Help me find a decent stippling/skunk/duo fibre brush..

When humour fails, practicality triumphs...

I have recently aquired a cream blusher which I am slowly falling in love with..I wanted a blusher that didn't add colour or frosty highlight but just gave me a glow and the colour I have is perfect for that (I have a post coming up on it soon).

The problem I have is this..I need a decent brush to apply it with.

I have been using it non stop since I bought it but my application could do with some help.  I am currently dabbing my fingers in the blusher and applying a streak across my cheek and blending it in with a standard blusher brush (this one).  This isn't working as well for me as I'd like.  I find the blusher brush doesn't blend it in as well as I'd like and my fingers are always stained.

This is where you guy come in..which brushes do you suggest I use for a cream blusher?  I have been told that MAC's 187 is good and also that MAC made an LE brush (I can't remember the number) which was smaller than the 187 but worked brilliantly..

So, suggestions please..if you have a blusher that helps you apply cream blusher, let me know!


  1. The 131 brush from MAC is the one that works well with cream blushes. It was sold out fast from the UK website and i couldn't get it. I will wait for it to be re-released again.

    I have tried tons of other brushes and found that the 109 gave me a good result. I just dab the brush on the blusher and place it on the apples of my cheeks and then blend it out.
    I'm looking forward to reading other recommendations and see what's out there.

    sorry for the long post! x

  2. mac 188 is a little small but does the job if you have some patience with it :)

  3. I am keeping an eye on this post as I too am curious. I must admit that I use my fingers with cream blush.

  4. I use the mac 187 for powder and cream blush, and its good because you can build up to the intensity you'd like without affecting your base, so I think its a good investment. I used to use it for foundation but I prefer it as a blush brush. Hope this helps :)Oh and I don't really like the 188 for blush as it's a lot smaller, it works better with foundation for getting into harder areas, but the 187 is the perfect size for blush, for me anyway x

  5. i use flat top brush, or a different foundation brush, they work very well, none are mac though, im cheapskate like that :p.

  6. i use a flat brush, or a foundation brush, it works well and blends the colour in. its no mac though, im cheapskate like that. :P

  7. A nice flexible foundation brush used damp would work best! Those synthethic kabukis from Sigma seem perfect for cream blush. How about trying elf's flat top powder brush for it? Works awesome for foundation so might work.


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