Thursday, 20 January 2011

New from Batiste: Batiste Tones

Remember back the in the day when all you could get was standard Batiste?   Well, those days are long gone as now you can get it in different smells, different colours and different textures.

Now Batiste have brought out Batiste Tones.  They're a range of dry shampoos aimed at those who dye/highlight their hair as they help blend the regrowth in with the dyed colour AND they can also be used to disguise stray grey hair...  They will be replacing the existing dry shampoo they have which is aimed at darker hair..

There are three different "shades" available.  One for light to blonde hair, one for medium to brunette hair and one for dark to deep brown hair.

They're out very soon and will set you back £3.05.  You can pick them up from the usual suspects (Boots and Superdrug!)


  1. Clever, I wonder if they really work.

  2. Ooh, how interesting, the blonde one has been added to my list!

  3. I have to admit I am rubbish with dry hair shampoo. I wonder if you can get mousse type ones?

  4. Lillian: The normal one works fine for me but I want to see if this does anything extra, there will be a review on them on my blog very soon.

    Lucy: I'm going to be trialling them soon so look out for the review.

    Old Cow: You can get a mousse type one but Tresemme make those and the reviews aren't too favourable and it is also quite pricey in comparison. I find it easier to build up how much I need, i.e. use a little, if my hair is still greasy, use a little more.

  5. I need a black one for my roots lol! these look fab! x


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