Friday, 21 January 2011

EOTD: Blue eyeshadow is so 80's..

My eyes haven't graced this blog for quite some time but now they are back!

I wore this look to the Lohri party I said I had (worst party I've ever been to by the way) and I really like the way the blues brought out the brown colour of my eyes.  I didn't go over the top with the crease blending and I think that works out better because I think the blending is OK..

I used the two blues from the Sleek Original palette.  Both are applied on a black pencil base.  The lighter blue is on the eyelid and the dark is on the edge of the crease.  I didn't use any mascara on purpose because the fallout had made my lashes look shimmery which is something I quite liked.  Also, it's not very clear from the pics but I've carried the colour under the eye in the same form that it is done above it.  By that I mean both colours are mirrored on the lower lashline.

PS, I don't think this looks too dated..I'm quite impressed that I managed to make blue work on my skintone.


  1. Blues don't look bad on darker skintones... it's just a matter of choosing the right ones - and this looks gorgeous :)

    and I can very clearly see the same colour gradient on the lower lashline as well - fab! :D

  2. I like this, I really do.

    You certainly made it work for your skin tone.
    Got to love Sleek !!

    Great job :o)

  3. I think this ROCKS!! The pop of blue really makes your darks eyes look WOWSERS!

  4. This looks lovely! And your eyelashes look really great even without mascara :)

  5. i love blue eyeshadow! You have great colors. they look very unique!

  6. Love this - I can not get blue to work for me! You rock it though...

  7. This looks amazing! Great job! Would love to see more like this! xx.

  8. aww im sooo proud :) it looks fabulous loving the blue, makes ur eyes pop!

  9. Blues make brown eyes...POP! lol for real though this colour looks lovely on on the tips of your lashes makes brown eyes look browner. Thats what Tyra and iman do =D

  10. wow...i need guts to do this. Hey will you be doing any post on concealers? i need to switch my mac concealer up and don't know where to go next.

  11. I wear blue eyeshadow all the time, I love it!Looks great on you xx

  12. Thanks everyone!

    Designwali: I currently use a Rimmel concealer but I find that with my eye cream I don't really need one as it banishes dark cirles (mine aren't that bad but it really evens out tone, it is called A Perfect World for Eyes).

    Girl With the Golden Touch: I need to branch out a bit because I'm always doing nudey eyes which isn't good and sounds quite pervy..

    Imo: I'm in good company then! I got one from Boots so I might try it and see if that is true..

    Amina: Thank you, I'm still not at your level but I will get there!

    Safia: I have more coming up so keep an eye out..

    Mizz Worthy: Thanks, I thought I'd look terrible but I think it's just about finding the right shade (which is the pain!)

    BabyGirlRina: Thanks!

    Lillian: Thanks, I always mess it up when I put mascara on as it smudges onto the lid..

    Old Cow: Thanks :) I'm trying to find more colours that have that same effect, I'll be documenting it here..

    LaaLaa: Thanks hun, I was going to do a neutral eye with just blue in the crease but then I thought, forget it! Go big or go home..shame the party was so crap.

    Ki: Thank you, I agree..finding the right colours is half the struggle..

  13. I think blue is just one of those colours that gets a really bad rep for no reason! I have really dark brown eyes and want to try this too so my eyes can look lurrrrvley brown too hah, i usually stick to brown/black which probs isnt such a good idea


  14. I love blue eyeshadow, especially on the lower lash line. I don't care if it's dated or not, as long as it doesn't look too shabby :)


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