Tuesday, 18 January 2011

The Swatch Files: ELF Cream Eyeliners in Midnight and Gunmetal

For a while now, whenever someone asks me how many gel liners I have, I've only said one.  To those people, I apologise for being a filthy liar as last night I counted how many I had and it is verging on double numbers.  I have two Bobbi Brown liners (it used to be three until I sold one), three Stila ones and two ELF liners.

I don't know why I kept saying I have only one..maybe it's because that's the one I use the most..

Anyway, these are my ELF cream eyeliners..which I find a bit funny because they're not half as creamy as my Bobbi Brown ones (they're still decent though!)

I like the fact that they have a mixture of both matte and more non matte (?! I can't think of the word and glittery doesn't seem right..shimmery?) eyeliners.

Midnight is a matte blue and Gunmetal is a shimmery grey..

The photograph on top is the accurate depiction of the shade, the bottom one is just to show the difference between the matte and shimmery liners.

Midnight looks like a nightmare but it's really creamy..the Midnight I got was rattling around in its container and it even fell out but it's come back to life and is indeed, very creamy.  They work well as liners but they do dry once on the eye.


  1. I like the look of midnight :)

    did you pick anything up from MAC's new collection (Mickey Contractor?)

  2. I dont know why but i thought these would look more like liquid liner in the swatches but it looks almost shadow-like in consistency?

  3. Ki: It is a really nice blue and is quite easy to use, not as creamy as I thought it would be but it's not difficult to use. I was going to pick up some bits from the MC collection but I totally forgot to go to MAC an have a look..I might go again tomorrow and see if they have anything left. What did you want from there?

    Lucy - Beauty and the Blogger: Maybe I should add some on the eye swatches..I have to say though, when Midnight dries, it dries as a shadow..nice and matte. Gunmetal doesn't look as dry simply because it has a bit of shimmer in it. They are creamy and for the price they're well worth it.

  4. Hey :)

    It's yet to release here so I'm still hemming and hawing about what to get!

  5. I don't like the matte look but they don't seem half bad especially at that price x

  6. Next time I order from Japan, I will get you a gel liner to try...there is a particularly awesome one and I wonder if you will like it.

    I found a brilliant "twisted" way to use my ELF cream liner. I cannot wait to show you.

  7. Bhumika: Thanks!

    Ki: There are a lot of swatches around which is good. I still haven't been to have a look!

    Tass: They're quite matte on the eyes but I like that for work. They don't wear off which is good but my BB one is still my favourite..

    Old Cow: I can't wait for you to tell me! Which ones do you use? I wish I could understand the Japanese websites so I could see what is what..I might just be annoying and ask you to search for me :P


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