Sunday, 12 December 2010

The Swatch Files: Revlon Silver Fox Quad

It's not very often that I find a quad which not only has the desired amount of pigmentation but also has a decent enough variety of colour so that you're able to switch your look up from day to night by just adding another colour.

This palette is one of the good ones...
The grey and minty green shade are matte, the white and purple have a slight (very slight) shimmer to them..

I'm pretty impressed that the mint actually came out mint on my skin as usually they come out white.  They're all very soft and easy to blend..not so soft that they crumble..

The white looks a bit chalky but it's easy to blend out with a brush.  As for the sparkle..

It looks a bit gritty but that is due to my camera playing up, in reality, it catches the light really well without making you look like a glitterball.


  1. Wow, your swatches are awesome! The purple looks gorgeous!

  2. Ive never tried revlon shadows before. I did recently pick up a lippie in mink which is a wicked nude for woman of colour. It was £7.29 though which I was a bit hesitant to hand over seeing as I was buying a freakin lippie from superdrug??

    Its lovely nonetheless though

  3. NGL, I would buy this just for that minty green :D

  4. G A B Y: Thanks, it is a really nice quad and the colours do come out properly which is good.

    Imo: OMG, I LOVE Mink!! I have been wearing it non stop since I got it, I swatched it on here too. I need to get some backups of it as it's fast running out.

    SilhouetteScreams: The green is gorgeous, notice how it doesn't come out white? I always have that issue with mints.

    R May A: Isn't it just!?


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