Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Get Nude with Batiste!

I quite like Batiste as a brand, they make a product that everyone knows and uses and they haven't jacked the price up since the secret was let out and their packaging hasn't changed too much either.

I have used this a fair bit and I quite like it.

The natural dry shampoo I had before this was a bit hit and miss, the exit route for the product was similar to the top of those containers you get hundreds and thousands in and so you had to shake it to ensure the powder was loose and then put the powder in your hands and rake your hands through your hair.  A whole lot of fuss for something that didn't really do anything..

This is why I was super glad that Batiste had a nozzle instead of just an open topped bottle under a cap.

I used it when my hair was just slightly greasy and when it really needed a wash and it was up to task of refreshing it on both occassions.  I found the best way to use it was to clip my hair up and give my roots some nozzle action.

There was a tiny bit of fallout but that's to be expected and it didn't rub into my clothes, I just shook it off.

It says it is fragrance free and it is.  That brings me onto something eliminates smell from your hair like nothing else.  When you make Indian food, you have to fry up garlic, onions etc..and you get a smell.  This takes the smell right of your hair which is brilliant as it saves you a job, all you need to do is shower or change your clothes.  I read somewhere that you weren't meant to put perfume in your hair unless it was freshly washed because it took the moisture out of it but I'm not sure how true that is.  If it is true, this would be brilliant if you worked with food and washing your hair took too long.

It's not fiddly to use.  You can just tip the bottle and squeeze and a decent amount of product comes out.  Also, I forgot to add this before but it doesn't make your hair look white/grey at all which is really good if you're a brunette because you don't want tell tale patches of dry shampoo usage.

If you want a dry shampoo to get rid of the grease and takes smells right out, this would be the one for you.  It will set you back less than £4 in both Superdrug and Boots.


  1. Might have to take a look at that. I only just discovered the original!

  2. wow this seems great. but am not sure whether the new version is available in here or not

  3. Does it give your hair a bit of a white look? My hair's dark and even when I used the brunette one it made the colour of my hair funny :(

    Kaushal xx

  4. Amazing, Ive never used dry shampoos mainly coz Ive never heard anyone with afro hair extolling its virtues and secondly because my hairs too dark to be putting white powder on it??

    I feel you on the food thing though, sometimes African food can really get in your clothes AND weave! its a hassle to get out but this product is a small step in eliminating that scent! LOL x x x

  5. Sparklz and Shine: They've extended their range a lot recently.

    indianmakeupways: You should try it if they do!

    Kaushal: Nope, it doesn't..I find that none of the Batiste ones make my hair look white after I've brushed them out, try holding the bottle a bit further away as that is what helped me.

    Imo: I'm not sure how it would work on afro hair, my friend used to use baby powder and then spend years shaking it out. The food thing is terrible, even if you change your clothes, people still know but this works really well to get rid of the "aroma".


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