Tuesday, 14 December 2010

The Christmas Present Buying Guide: The smellies

In the vein of time saving, this post will be picture heavy and ramble light as the last thing you want to do is read through lines of stuff when you just need to buy something and be done with it..

I've left this post late (says she as if it was done on purpose!) as there's a wide range of scents and products which would be suitable for the whole age spectrum..

Cast your eye over these wares, I  doubt anybody receiving these would be unhappy..

These babies smell gorgeous, I have the Rum and Blackcurrant and Champagne and Spice variants.  My favourite is the rum one (no surprise there) but they both smell gorgeous and the smell actually lasts on me which is a plus as my body seems to reject nice smells.  The Champage and Spice one smells a bit more earthy than the Rum and Blackcurrant one but then I suppose that's the spice in it.  If you love the way Molton Brown smells, you will love this.  The smell isn't similar but it's of the same "class" if that makes sense? I think what I'm trying to say is that it smells sophisticated without being in your face.  The Rum and Blackcurrant one just smells handsome.  All the creams are free from nasties and are a godsend for dry skin.  My favourite way to use them was to slather my feet in them, pop some socks on and go to sleep...perfect moisturised feet in the morning.

You know sometimes you can smell someone's body moisturiser and it smells really sickly and is way too overpowering? I found these to be gentle enough to not be vomit inducing but a lot of people did ask me what they were when I had them on..

They retail for £14.99 each and can be bought on the Bettyhula website.  They also do sample sizes which, at any other time of the year, you could use as a taster but at this time, you can use a crafty stocking filler.

These would be perfect stocking fillers..
  1. Fruit Works Cherry and Rosehip body butter: £2.49.
  2. Fruit Works Nectarine and Orange Blossom body scrub: £1.79.
  3. Fruit Works Apple and Ginger shower gel: £1.79.
Click here to buy all three of them..they have different scents available to the ones I've featured.  They also do lip balms and handwashes.

  1.  Miss Cole Gym'll Fix it: £11.99, click here to buy.
  2. Miss Cole The Bold and the Beautiful: £17.50, click here to buy.

  1.  Fruit Works Paradise Punch: £11.00, click here to buy.
  2. Fruit Works Energiser: £9.99, click here to buy.

  1.  Signature Handcare Duo: £10.90, click here to buy.
  2. Signature Vanity Fair: £10.79, click here to buy.
  3. Lavender Apothecary Peace and Quiet: £15.00, click here to buy.
  4. Lavender Apothecary Contagious Smile: £5.99, click here to buy.

  1.  The Haynes Guide to Grooming Strip Bare Facial Fuel Injection: £8.99, click here to buy.
  2. The Haynes Guide to Grooming Fully Loaded: £9.99, click here to buy.


  1. Great post, some really fab gift ideas here!

  2. I'm lusting after the Miss Cole sets, mostly cos they're so PINK and girly. xx


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