Thursday, 30 December 2010

Sale shopping, NUDE skincare and some other ramblings..

Christmas has been and gone and levels of daily food intake are back down to an acceptable level.  With the end of Christmas comes the start of the traditional post Christmas sales and the rush of sale shoppers.

I remember being younger and yearning to be earning (mad rhyming skills gwan) a nice wage so I could buy things from the Harrods sale.  It didn't register with me that if you were earning a nice amount, you wouldn't need to be sale shopping there.

Back when I was a poor student there was always a plethora of things I wanted to buy but now that I have a job and can buy things without worrying about paying for textbooks and travelcards..there is nothing I want to buy!

I went to Westfields with my brother today and we walked around for AGES..what did I buy? One top and two DVDs and that was all.  There was literally NOTHING I the rush doesn't help.  I'm glad we took the car because I was shattered by the time we'd finished and my feet hurt so much I had to drive home barefoot. 

I have a million and one samples which I have been using..most of them from Nude.  I used the miracle mask and it was fantastic!  I might treat myself and get it as it really made my skin feel super soft and the effects lasted..I'm not so sure about the cleansing oil.  It made my skin feel a bit tight but it went back to normal a while later and it did feel smoother..

Hmm..that's all for now..there won't be any beauty related posts until after the new year so have a good one!

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