Friday, 24 December 2010

My alternative Christmas message

You'll notice that I haven't updated my blog that much recently and that is for many reasons..the least of which being a mad rush to tie up any loose ends at work and the rush to pick up my turkey and bring it home via the joy that is the London Underground.

I'm pleased to report that the ends have been tied and the turkey is currently defrosting.  That's another thing dad put the turkey out to defrost last night (I know this because I'm the Christmas cook and nothing gets done in that house on Christmas Day without getting my approval first..though I let approval slide if anything alcoholic comes out as the sooner that's travelling down your the hatch..the better).

My dad being my dad has some very funny ideas about defrosting..he was convinced the turkey would defrost in the garage.  Now in years past, that was fine but this year it has snowed so it is colder outside than it is in the, the turkey has is now "coming to temp" in the kitchen.

Anyway, to my Christmas message..

Eat a lot
Drink a lot
Be merry..a lot!


  1. Merry Christmas..i ate a

  2. Merry Christmas, lovely lady! And have loads and loads of fun and gifts! :P

  3. Merry Christmas Indian Aunty Kim!! I hope yours will be amazing.


    The nicer, madder, alternative Janice!


  4. Happy Christmas! Have a lovely day :) xxx


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