Monday, 6 December 2010

Revlon A/W 2010 Suede Rhapsody: Mink, Smoked Peach and Stormy Pink lipsticks

I've never been a great lipstick expert so I've never really paid much attention to their different finishes.  When I was of makeup wearing age, the in thing was lipgloss so that's all we wore.  It's only now that I'm a bit older and that the major crush on lipgloss has gone that people are turning back to lipsticks.

This post has been a long, long time in the making as the weather changed before I was able to swatch Mink but I've finally managed a decent shot..

Anyway, rambles aside, the three I have from the Suede Rhapsody collection are Mink, Smoked Peach and Stormy Pink.  The former is creme and the latter two are mattes.

When I first saw these colours I was adamant they wouldn't work for me.  Mink really looks that dark in real life.  Then I saw Mink in a different light (ba dam tshhh) and it looked like it would suit my lips pretty well.  I still had reservations about the other two.

Then we went pink..
I really really like this.  It is one a very few pink lipsticks in my collection and it works very well with my skintone.  I find a lot of pink lipsticks make me look like I've stolen them from someone else with far paler skin than mine but this works well with my skintone.  I think(!) it is called a pink with blue undertones because I can see a bit of lilacy blueness in it when I have it on.  If that's the case, I know my shading at long last!  As you can see, it is a little drying but nothing some lipbalm underneath it and some lipgloss on top of it wouldn't fix.

Then things took a more orangey turn:

Words cannot express how terrible this looked on me.  It looks cringeworthly bad.  It looked even worse in the full face pic before I edited it down.  It is also a lot drier than Stormy Pink as you can see.  I'm not sure which skintone this lipstick would look good on.

Then came my favourite one, Mr Mink to you, Minky Minkerson to me..

This has been my go to worksafe colour ever since I got it.  It has the right amount of pigment, glides very nicely on the lips and the colour lasts a fair while.  It's a very easy colour to wear, I've managed to master putting it on without the aid of a mirror!

I've done some on the hand swatches for those who don't have pigmented lips like mine..

Although Smoked Peach and Stormy Pink are matte, I find they behave differently.  Stormy Pink isn't as drying as Smoked Peach.  You really need some extra moisture giver when applying Smoked Peach.  You need a little less if wearing Stormy Pink.

I have been alternating between Mink and Stormy Pink as I love how both of them look.  Mink is a brilliant "my lips but better shade" for us WOCs and Stormy Pink is the pink that I have been waiting for.  It works in perfect harmony with my skin.

Which of these three are your favourites? Do you like matte lipsticks or do you think they should have a bit of shine to them?


  1. honestly? why would anyone want to smoke a peach?

    I love mink on you!

  2. That's a shame because I really like the look of Smoked Peach. Stormy Pink is lovely too.

  3. i absolutely adore the color of smoked peach :X it's a pity it doesn't match your skin though

  4. I LOVE the colour of Stormy Pink!

    - Sriya x

  5. Ugh Mink is so ridiculously pretty on you! I'm still kind of determined to buy Smoked Peach when it comes out here, even if it looks chalky as hell on me XD

  6. Old Cow: I'm quite glad they put both colours in together because usually, I find that some ranges cater only for one skintone but I know people who can make smoked peach work but look terrible in mink, I'm just glad I've found mink!

    Une tasse: I knew smoked peach wouldn't do anything for me when I saw it, I was quite apprehensive about all three shades but mink in the bullet is very dark compared to how it looks on Indian/darker skins, it's deffo worth a buy.

    birminghamlady: Thanks :) I suppose it's just different strokes for different folks, that's why I did the hand swatches because my lips are quite pigmented as it is.

    Lipgloss and Leopard Print: It's the perfect pink for my skin so I'm loving it, don't feel like I've nicked someone else's lippy.

    SilhouetteScreams: Thanks, I'm OTT happy it works so well on me. I don't know why smoked peach applies smoothly on the hand but so hard on the lips..and my lips are well moisturised..I suppose you could try mixing it with a clear gloss before putting it on.

  7. liked mink...nice blog..followin u..
    do check out mine..

  8. Is Mink available in Superdrug/Boots right now? I saw a Revlon in Mink on eBay but wasn't sure if it was the same one. Looked the same but...? Not sure.

  9. Bhumika: Thanks!

    MistysMum: It should be, I don't think they have ever released a different one and it is indeed on sale now, I'm quite late getting this post out..

    Imo: It's gorgeous! And it lasts so long, I've been using it like it's going out of fashion and it doesn't look any smaller!

  10. thanks for this, glad I checked this out...
    Will probably still get Gulabi if I can, as it's a really bright pink I'm hankering after ;)
    Actually the pink I'"need" is the pink in the duo of the eyeshadows in your picture.


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