Sunday, 5 December 2010

My Christmas Wishlist

I have been swatching and perving on products with wild abandon this year and I have finally decided on my top 10 presents..and these are them..(is that grammatically correct? It sounded wrong in my head)  I think I'm entitled to all of them seeing as I've been very well behaved this year but that is a matter of conjecture.

In no particular order..

I saw this palette when I went shopping and was instantly bowled over by the glittery shade (the third one in).  The SA told me they didn't sell it on its own which is a shame as I'd have snapped it up.  The whole palette is very Christmassy and I can see myself using it for many an Indian wedding.  The glittery shade caught my attention as the glitter is perfect.  It applies smoothly and doesn't feel chalky at all.  It grabs the right amount of light and looks fantastic layered over darker shadows.  I got an invitation to my cousin's 18th birthday party whilst I was in Moscow and the outfit I'm going to wear is a purple and pistachio colour and this palette would be perfect to craft an eye from.

I saw these at the same time as seeing the palette above, I was going to go back to buy them but the freezing weather addled our brains.  The green is a gorgeous sumptuous (it really is) colour.  It's like a mixture of black and green and it would work brilliantly on my eyes.  There is a really good swatch of it here.  I found out by accident that blue really makes my eyes pop and as I love Bobbi Brown gel liners, there was only one I could buy.  It's dark enough to show up on my lids but you can still see that it is blue and not black.

A fellow beauty blogger told me to buy this when she picked her one up but I was too busy swatching the Black palette (which has the most perfect matte black in it).  I didn't bother getting it and when I went back to buy it, I was told they were all sold!

For the longest time I have wanted an ice cream maker.  I see myself as a Willy Wonka, concocting up exotic ice creams that nobody else has tried.  Had I had one of these a few years ago, I'd have easily usurped Heston Blumenthal.  Anyway, I really want one and I'm going to get it.


This again is something I have wanted for as long as I can remember.  To knead dough into my wounds, my dad bought my mum one and she doesn't even use it! I'm getting one of these by hook or by crook..

I didn't want a Clarisonic at first but then I saw possibly the best review of this product by Resha.  Now I want it as I shudder thinking how much makeup I go to sleep with on my face.

I never paid this brand much attention and just assumed they did bog standard colours.  I was minding my 8 year old cousin and watching the Sunday beauty thing they have on QVC and they came on.  The polishes come in really original colours, they look bog standard in the bottle but once they're applied, they're very individual colours which is something I always look for.  I've chosen this set because when I saw them applied, the colours looked brilliant, especially the middle one..and you can layer the light blue over the others.

My lust for these was created by Charlotte.  The only way I can describe what these look like is "sex in a bottle".  They don't look like nail polish, they look like satin.  They apply just as well which is always a good thing and I can just see how fantastic Minger will look against my skintone.

These aren't from the official UGG site and they do look rather fake.
I had a pair of these before buy my grandmother fell in love with them so I gave them to her as she needed them more than me.  It has been freezing here recently and these were perfect the last time we had snow and I miss them terribly.  If I don't get them for Christmas then I'm going to get them in the post Christmas sales.


Another Bobbi Brown palette.  I love her palettes because it's clear she thinks about which colours you could need for any eventuality and I can take this one palette, my primer and a lipstick and I could easily use it for an entire week without getting bored.  The size of the shadows is pretty generous too so it'd last me ages.

I know the present buyers read this so step to it!


  1. Nice wishlist. I want them all too! :D


  2. Nice selection, I don't know why but Bobbi Brown bores me =0/


  3. UD Naked Palette is on my wishlist too. I wasn't too impressed with it until I saw it in person, but couldn't buy it at the time. Now I wish I did, because I can't find it anywhere :(

  4. I've been thinking of investing in a Clarisonic too, they do sound pretty good!

  5. wow! everything in your wish list is too good. even i would love to own a clarisonic and the naked palette looks awesome

  6. I'm usually not a fan of Bobbi Brown, but the first palette and gel liner look very purrty :3

    We used to have a bread maker and yoghurt maker (which I think was able to do ice cream too.....unless I made that up in my brain) growing up, and they were amaaaaazing :D

  7. I LOVE Leighton Denny polishes, they're one of my fave polish brands and I totally agree, they do colours that you don't see everywhere :-)

  8. Cynthia Z: Thanks!

    Karleigh: When we go swatching, I will find you something that you like!

    Lyuba-Chan: I am exactly the same and where I can find it, they've jacked the prices up but I can wait til after Christmas for it.

    Vicky: I thought it was just an exfoliator at first but that review blew my socks off, I need it now!

    SilhouetteScreams: They look much nicer in real life, I am buying the green and will swatch it so you can see, it's like a magical forest green.

    Lucy: I never paid much attention but when I saw that blue and the layering, they had to be mine! I was going to order them then but the child wanted food so by the time we got back to ordering, they had sold out.

  9. You've got some great products! I really want a Clarisonic. I give the Naked palette two thumbs up :)

  10. I WNAT AN ICECREAM MAKER! I make homade cocnut icecream and my life would be so much easier if I had a kenwood in my life *sighs* a gal can dream...nice way of getting your near and dear to get you what you actually want this year though ;) *cheeky smile* I think I will follow suit... x x


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