Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Get on my take on a traditional Japanese tummy wrap

I make no apologies for the shoddy Austin Powers influenced title to this post as it made me laugh..

When I got an email about this, I practically leapt at the chance to try it..mainly because I'd been freezing in the winter despite wrapping a million and one layers arond me and also because I'd seen someone in the office wearing it but she was very secretive as to what it was so all Google searches had proved pointless. 

They must have read my mind because I never mentioned my want for one of these to anyone apart from my mate at work..

The size I have is a medium and it fits..nice and snug and it does keep you very warm.

One of the things I've had problems with this winter is cold fingers.  Some of my fingers were cold and the rest were warm..the Genki Haramaki said it would combat this and I have to say that it did.  I found myself not needing to wear my trusty mittens or wear any socks when at home.  Simon usually whinges about how cold my feet are and I didn't notice this until he pointed it out the other day..he hasn't moaned about them once since I've been wearing this so it must really work.

Without reintroducing you to the last meal you ate, I can safely say that the claim listed under "aids digestion" is also true..I usually have one day where I need a tablet to get through but this hasn't happened whilst I've been wearing this..  My boss also thinks that I have been given a super power as he dared me to go out of the office in just my shirt and trousers to pick something up and I did it without feeling cold..

It comes in a variety of colours, mine is blue which isn't really a big problem for does what it's meant to do but I can see why people would want different colours.  It is available in nine different colours (black, blue, green, orange, pink, purple, red, white and yellow).  The suggested way to wear it is to have it under your boobs and onto the hips but I can't wear it like that at work and as my hips don't really get cold, I decided to pull it over the boobs and wear it like a boob tube.  I suppose if your back gets cold and seizes up, it would be better to wear it in the way it is suggested but I don't suffer from that *touches wood* so I adjusted it.
All in all, I have to say that I am really impressed with keeps me nice and warm without making me sweat like a pig.  I find it is better than layering as you don't look like you've put on some extra pounds but you get a lot more warmth than you do with just layering clothes on.  I was a bit funny about washing it as I thought it might get loose and take the warmth away but it didn't..

You can pick up one from the Haramaki website for £19.99.  They come in two different sizes, medium (30-33 inch waist) and large (33-37 inch waist) but as I said, I had the smaller size and it was nice and snug on me so they can take a fair bit of stretching.


  1. Thank you for alerting me to this! Sounds all kinds of wonderful.

  2. I don't know if this is the same brand but Victoria Health has started selling this and it sounded intriguing when I read about them in their newsletter. Thanks for the review as I was wondering how effective this might be.

  3. What a random invention! Sounds cool though XD

  4. omg my fingers are cold alllll the time.
    this looks really cool, I'm so tempted to order one.

  5. Meeta: It is the same one.

    Everyone: It's been getting some serious usage from me over the winter. I wore it with just a t shirt on top and people were amazed as to how I still felt so warm. My 8 year old cousin is convinced that I'm a superhero..I'm sure I was super before this came along!


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