Saturday, 18 December 2010

The Christmas Present Buying Guide: Cloud Nine's Gifts of Christmas

Cloud Nine have something which goes beyond the standard curler/straightener setup you can buy all year round and is a limited edition dealy just for Christmas..

The Gift of Christmas Volume
For those who want to romance the curl (see what I did there?), there is TheO. 

My cousin has this and she has thin, straight hair.  I have thick, curly hair and it works just as well on both of us.  Alls you do is pop a curler in the pod (the contraption on top of the turquoise box on the right) and let it warm up.  It warms up and lets you know it's ready for action.  You put the next curler in and start putting the first one in your hair.  By the time number one is in the hair, number two is ready so there's not really much waiting around.  The roller gets warm from the inside out so it's practically impossible to burn yourself on it.

What do you get in the pack?
  • TheO Pod (as I called it, the "contraption")
  • 4 x 30 mm rollers
  • 4 x 40 mm rollers
  • 4 x 50 mm rollers
  • Cloud Nine Amplify Spray
  • Sectioning comb
  • A case to carry it all around in.
The whole shebang will cost you £199.95.

Now the baby that I want under my Christmas tree..

The Gift of Christmas Straight
There isn't much to explain here really, straightening your hair isn't the arduous task it once was..your arms are free to enjoy a life where stiffness isn't impending every time you wash your hair and decide to straighten it.

The straightening irons come with a temperature control panel which makes them very versatile, you get the same results even if your hair is thicker than thick or thinner than thin.  I quite like the idea of temperature control because if you're just doing the morning after straighten, you can turn the heat down so you don't inflict more heat on your locks than is needed.

What do you get in the pack?
  • Cloud Nine iron
  • Cloud Nine micro iron
  • Two carry pouches
  • Gift bag
  • Two Iron Heat guards
  • Two presentation boxes

This will set you back £154.95.

Now I bet you want to know where you can buy these from, well, you can get them in salons nationwide and also directly from the Cloud Nine website, click here to be taken there.


    1. I've wanted this for ages!! Really need to save up though.. Bad times! I need to find a job haha xx

    2. Hrm.. I'm torn between getting my girlfriend a GHD straightener or this cloud nine iron for christmas. I've heard a lot about the conflict between the two, which one is better/more appreciated as a gift?


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