Monday, 15 November 2010

How do you apply yours?


The (supposed) cornerstone of getting a flawless application..

How to go about achieving the flawless application is an art form in itself.

I never knew how to apply foundation before and I bet I still don't have it cracked now.  I used to be amazed at how people got through their foundation so quickly but never looked like they had it caked on..was it the foundation? Was I buying the wrong type for my skin? Was it the application method? Was I messing around with the wrong type of brush? Should I be using my fingers?

Today, for the first time EVER, I decided to apply the foundation direct to my face and then buff it out with my brush and I think it came out ok.  I also, however, applied it in the bathroom.  I never do this, despite bitter experience with blusher telling me that bathroom application is the way to go.  I'm still not sure if I've done it properly..can you ever properly know?

How do you go about getting the foundation of foundation (lyrical genius in the house) correct? Is it the brush? The foundation? 

Let me know!


  1. I didn't know how to apply my foundation back in the day. I think I've finally found a way of applying it. I use a flat top brush or a buffing brush such as Elf's flat top powder brush or MAC's 109. I use a small amount and buff it all over in circular motions and set it with powder. I've found it takes me aaages to finish a bottle of foundation, maybe because I don't apply loads. I use a blob a day, haha! Also the right type of foundation formula is crucial, in my case I use MAC's Studio Fix fluid, it really helps with my super oily skin. xx

  2. I think the right foundation comes first. The the right brush for it. I love using my Sigma Flat Top Kabuki for all my foundations -liquid, cream, powder.


  3. I use the body shops foundation brush which is similar to the mac 190 to apply my studio fix fluid. I've found the key step in making my foundation look better (ie less cakey with a smooth finish) is to use a primer. I love to use elf mineralise infusion face primer. Its a really strange consistency but its amazing! I occasionally use the elf powder brush but I haven't quite mastered making it look as natural as with the body shop foundation brush. Zahra xx

  4. Applying a primer smooths your skin, so the foundation will look better :) I use a flat top brush (usually Elf Powder Brush or Sigma F80 Kabuki Brush) that I spritz with some water :) Wetting the brush helps with application, especially with Revlon Colorstay Foundation that dries really fast :)


  5. Hey sweetz feel like i havnt posted on ur blog in ages - ah well im bak (tho im not quite sure wer i went lol)

    hmm with foundations, it depends really wat formulation your workin with, i really really like using the traditional brushes to work liquids and creams in, but if you workin with something a little thicker, im really loving just applying and then buffing it right into the skin, ie creamier products. Powders i like to buff for foundation or jus gently dust over to set.

    The key is if your using a conventional foundation brush to apply in short and brisk strokes in a downwards direction, this ensures you get smoother application and the hairs on ur face lay flat.

    in term of using a 'buffing' brush the key is to buff in small circular motions but be sure not to add too much pressure because you end up not covering - make sense??

    But i always like to go in with either sponge or finger just to smooth over facial contours ie around the nose, under the eyes etc.

    Hope this helps, ciao x

  6. After a trying and testing several methods, tools and types of foundation, I'm using mousse foundation with a traingle sponge. I find that it give full, even coverage without looking to heavy and caked on.
    Foundation brushes never work for me, I've tried several brands but its always the same - the first time I use it I get amazing results and after that as the brush gets more product on it, it all goes to crap, despite cleaning them so, boo :(


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