Thursday, 14 October 2010

TIGI Urban Antidotes 2

Urban Antidotes is a new range brought out by TIGI and it aims to help those who dye their hair and use heat on it.  It comes in three types:
  • Type 1 is for those who don't dye their hair and don't really use any heat on it.
  • Type 2 is for those who dye their hair and use a little bit of heat.
  • Type 3 is for those who dye and beat their hair with heat.

I don't dye my hair.  I used to, but now I don't.

However, I still batter it with the heat implements so I knew this shampoo could do something for me.

These are not SLS free.  TIGI do have ranges which are SLS free (the Love, Peace and the Planet range) so they do cater to those who are looking for an SLS free alternative.

I tried my best to capture the colour of these tubes in the photo but I failed, they're like an electric turquoise colour.  They both smell really nice too, I knew straight away what the smell was, Opal Fruits!

I had to use the shampoo in the same way that I use an SLS free shampoo (make sure my hands and hair were really wet as otherwise it applied quite dry) but it did clean my hair.  My hair felt nice and bouncy after using it.  The conditioner was used in the standard conditioner way (whack it on, wait a bit, wash it off).

Both products lead me to have the kind of curls I have always dreamt of from a shampoo.  Bouncy, full of life and NO FRIZZ.  NO.FRIZZ!!

I finally have a simple haircare routine that gave me effortless curls.  I slept with my hair out like I usually do, woke up and my hair was still not frizzy! I didn't have to put a serum on or anything.

You can buy them from here.


  1. Hmmm, I need type 3, asap!


  2. I saw these at my hairdresser two weeks ago, I think type 3 would do wonders for my hair since I blow dry it almost every day and dye my hair a lot. So going to try this when im out of my dumb blonde

  3. I'm definitely a type 3!
    I must try this...seeing as I love bedhead shampoos

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    Bloglovin:Black Crayon


  4. These look great, will have to try!


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